FENDI @ SS2014 Women's Collection

FENDI  SS2014 Women's Collection presents a exciting new creative collaboration with Delfina Delettrez Fendi: a playfully surreal fashion jewellery collection named “Furrytale”, a sublime expression of the encounter between Delfina’s cleverly artistic approach and the historic Roman Maison.

The “Furrytale” collection brings together the Eye, one of Delfina’s signature design motifs, and Fur, FENDI’s symbol and icon. Delfina Delettrez Fendi’s passion for narrative design statements, often drawn from dreams and personal mementos, is brought to this collaboration, which is a perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

FENDI’s history, featuring all female protagonists, perpetuates itself and is passed down from generation to generation: from Adele, the founder of the Maison, to the five sisters and then from Silvia Venturini to Delfina, the fourth generation of the family.

Delfina’s creative journey for SS2014 begins with and is inspired by FENDI’s Bag Bugs, the small, fun fur lucky charms that are constantly evolving, but featured in a new glam, “by night” version for next season.

The eye has always been at the centre of Delfina’s creative vision, redefined and reinterpreted endless times as it is here once again through the lens of Art Deco. In this collection, the Eye is joined together with sparkling elements and coloured furs that can be attached and detached, in total contrast with shiny materials and crystals. 

Contrasting textures juxtapose the sensuality and softness of fur with the hardness and luminosity of crystals. Micro crystal fragments adorn solitaire stones that simulate eye make-up and metal lashes are added and exaggerated for a greater sense of whimsy. In some cases, the eyes begin to mutate and resemble tropical birds.

Earrings, bracelets rings, and brooches are featured in the FENDI SS2014  “Furrytale” Collection.

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