Longchamp’s Le Pliage® Cuir Go Personal

Longchamp’s classic and iconic Le Pliage® Cuir is now going personal. This  new development on its cult foldable leather bag, Le Pliage® Cuir is launching  a new version of Le Pliage® Cuir, one you can actually personalize yourself. It’s called <Le Pliage® Cuir Personalized>. Known for its tradition of leather goods craftsmanship, not to mention a pretty impressive track record when it comes to personalization, they’ve offered the service for the original Le Pliage® since way back in 2003.

You can do it all in just a few clicks on www.longchamp.com. First, you choose the size of bag you want: small, medium or large, then you choose the colour you want your bag to be. There are eight colours this season: Black, Taupe, Orange, Pink, Lemon, Camel, Indigo and Vermilion. You can choose four different colours: one for the bag, one for the flap and the handles, another for the tabs, those cute little tags at each end of the zipper and another for the shoulder strap. Oh and you can choose the lining too! It is totally unique.

That’s not all, you can even add your initials. Apparently, they do it with perforations or embossed. So subtle! So chic! Available from March 2014 on www.longchamp.com, and a little later in selected Longchamp boutiques worldwide.

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