CHAUMET 2014 Ad Campaign @ The Double Take

CHAUMET launches its 2014 Ad Campaign ~ The Double Take by Marine Vacth with the story line : The Double Image creates the myth of narcissus. Two faces, one woman. A face that evokes ambiguity, duality and emotion. Directed in a cinematographic approach, s trong and unconventional attitudes, highlighting the jewellery savoir-faire of the Maison. A visual that is simple, powerful and different.

This 22 year old French actress was revealed at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance in the film “Jeune et Jolie” by François Ozon. Her grace, a mysterious blend of natural charm and sophistication, and her unique personality make her the perfect embodiment of the dual game of the “Parisienne” both elegant and a rebel. Modern, bold associations are created between Chaumet’s jewellery excellence and the magic of cinema. Three photos, three scenes, three freeze frames symbolise three themes: The Kiss – Intimacy – Tenderness Featuring three sentimental jewellery collections: Liens, Joséphine and Hortensia.

An American photographer Mario Sorrenti who has become famous for his fashion shots and portraits of celebrities from the world over, marking magazines and ad campaigns with his individual style. Chaumet, impressed by his rigorous technique, precision and mastery of light have chosen him to bring its new advertising campaign to life.

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