Evidens de Beaute @ The Extreme Line 360º Global Anti-Aging Solution

Our skin is assaulted all day long by numerous environmental aggressions : UV, fatigue, stress, pollution etc. The aggressions are coming from everywhere and lead to poor circulation, skin imperfections, dehydration and loss of firmness. Evidens de Beaute introduces <The Extreme Line> which is a global anti-aging solution that women were waiting for. The range is formulated with “360º Skin Perfecting Complex®” which combined 6 Oligopeptides, 10 plants extracts & 5 vitamins. For the first time, all the causes of skin aging in their full spectrum are targeted for a complete and efficient action on 360º range. The Serum is the absolute global anti-aging treatment. Its formula boasts a high concentration of “360º Skin Perfecting Complex®”and “Triple Collagen®”. It erases imperfections, smooth wrinkles and brings an immediately visible and long-lasting lifting effect. This extraordinary nectar boosts the action of the cream leaving skin resplendent with youthfulness.

The Cream is intensely nourish and protect your skin. Visibly rejuvenated, the skin regains firmness, density, vitality and radiance. Its deep-down action corrects all signs of aging. Stimulates the growth and the multiplication of the cells. The densified and plumped skin finds its tonicity and its radiating youth.

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