‘Lee 101+’ @ 125th Anniversary Limited Edition

2014 marks the 125th anniversary of authentic denim brand Lee. Through a spirit of curiosity and exquisite craftsmanship, Lee has created a range of pieces that are considered pure denim classics. Among their many innovations is the Lee 101, the flagship of the brand that features a series of true classics,  the most sought after collection for denim enthusiasts. This season, Lee has reinvented the 101 collection, launching the ‘Lee 101+’ 125th anniversary limited edition denim jackets and jeans, exclusive to 1,250 pieces worldwide, to kick start Lee’s 125th Anniversary.

Rather than repeating its iconic designs, ‘Lee 101+’ is redefining the world of denim, adding a contemporary touch to existing authentic details as a tribute to 125 years of denim passion. The brand design team recreated the Lee 101 collection signature that was introduced in 1924, twisting the back pocket “x” signature stitching into a “+”, giving it the unique name: ‘Lee 101+’. Further mounting the value that each piece already holds, 16 oz. heavy denim jackets and jeans were created to celebrate Lee's 125th anniversary. The saddle fit that belongs to the ‘Lee 101+’ limited edition jeans is preserved from a classic design – from past to present, this comfortable fit liberates all to casually explore the cities at one’s passion. Each limited edition item is labelled with a unique serial number guaranteeing the rarity of each piece.

 Lee ‘101+’ 125th Anniversary Limited Edition denim jeans and jackets are made with 16oz. heavy denim. The ‘x’ stitching on the back pockets was twisted to ‘+’ to form the ‘101+’ signature.  Each Lee 125th Anniversary Limited Edition ‘101+’ piece is labelled with a unique serial number - only 1,250 pieces globally. 

Lee brand designer incorporated different colours to the ‘Hair-on-hide’ leather patch and Lazy S back pocket stitching and selvedge to commemorate the Lee 125th Anniversary Limited Edition ‘101+’ Collection for a new look. The ‘101+’ collection has injected playful and contemporary elements to the original designs such as the ‘Hair-on-hide’ leather patch, coloured selvedge and aggressive washing effect that justifies the ‘101+’ collection as one that is both durable and constantly evolving.

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