agnès b. DÉLICES @ Harmonious Easter Collection

agnès b. DÉLICES launches its Harmonious Easter Collection with Special b. Lapin Items in the energetic French style and let you indulge in the warmth of French garden. The collection selects  baby blue and yellow as theme colour to match with the love and fantasy of Easter.  New chocolate items are also brought to you with special edition b. Lapin gift sets which certainly  surprise you and recall your wonderful childhood!

b. Lapin Easter Egg Gift Set is an eye-catching set that comes in five colourful chocolate eggs, size like  real, in different heavenly tastes of French chocolate: strawberry chocolate, white chocolate,  blonde chocolate, 64% dark chocolate, milk chocolate.

b. Lapin Wonder Egg is an ideal gift  to let you recall your precious childhood. Silver Easter egg tin contains 60g of Lemon Crunchy  Bomb – Crispy biscuit centre wrapped by lemon chocolate, a delightful chocolate snack that  brings you refreshing enjoyment. Besides, each b. Lapin Wonder Egg Gift Set comes with one  b. Lapin Limited Edition Surprise Toy, with blue and yellow available. Let’s open it and see  what colour you get? 

Smiley Petite Chocolate Box  Milk Chocolate Easter Egg  Florishing spring comes with vibrat colour and contains 60g of  Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs wrapped in  colourful paper, a lovely snack that would  trigger your smile. The Jolly Petite Chocolate Box  Strawberry Chocolate Bomb  includes 60g of  Strawberry Chocolate Bomb which is specially launch for this festive Easter. Balmy  strawberry chocolate with crunchy centre, a refreshing and fruity snacks for everyone!

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