Zegna Sport @ SS2014 Collection

Zegna Sport SS2014 collection newest line of performance driven sportswear, featuring advanced technical fabrics, high-impact details and multifunctional versatility, is inspired by a new attitude to fabrics, shapes and purpose. Expressly developed to satisfy today’s multi-faceted lifestyles, the new collection takes an innovative design approach to accommodate the needs of the wearer from pure relaxation to on-the-job layering to transglobal mobility. The result is a complete collection of contemporary urban sportswear that combines metropolitan style with flexible, reversible and transeasonal functionality.

 The entire SS collection is founded upon Zegna Sport sophisticated use of highly technical fabrics and materials with an evolutionary hybrid attitude. Super-lightweight Tecno Flex, a breathable compact stretch fabric with laser-cut, zero-seams technology, is the ultimate expression of technical excellence in outerwear. Mercerized cottons are used in knitwear and jersey, pants and jeans are enhanced with new identity detailing and special finishes, while lightweight waterproof nylon outerwear come with handy incorporated fold-away pouches. Even the hallmark leatherwear has been re-engineered using triple layer perforated nappa bonded with jersey to create an innovative twist to perforated nappa outerwear, and luxurious lamb nappa for the signature biker jacket. Above all, the fashion-forward ICON JACKET featuring full wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology and weatherproof taped seam construction enables real-time, on-the-go interaction with mobile devices.

The <Studio Life> is a complete wardrobe that delivers flexibility of choice for the Zegna man who wants to maintain a sharp image within an increasingly informal working environment. With a saturated color palette featuring Deep Navy accented by Crisp White and Vibrant Blue, the collection reflects a merger between urban leisurewear and cosmopolitan style. New hybrid constructions are characterized by an indoor/outdoor attitude and shapes are streamlined, linear and favor flexible comfort.

<Urban Interaction> is a true outdoors sportswear performance coupled with technological integrity are key attributes guaranteeing freedom and peace of mind within today’s increasingly interactive existence. With Pure Black and Pewter Grey accented by Optical White and the vibrant energy of Deep Orange, the Urban Interaction line combines technical constructions and finishings to guarantee outdoor waterproof functionality and ease of movement.

<Transglobal> The increasing demand for international travel in work and play deserves specific attention underscoring travel-oriented design with the added practicality of multi-pocketed detailing and a high level of aesthetic presentability. Function and form combine to create truly transglobal utility apparel in vibrant colors that are rich and reassuring: Deep Navy, Indigo Ink Blue, softened Pewter Grey with two-tone effects and Black Current Red with Optical White detailing. The result is a clean, sophisticated way of dressing that unites the flexibility and comfort of a track suit with the clean lines of contemporary fashion.

 <Pure Relaxation> In a world in which things happen with increasing speed, the importance of rest and recreation has never been so pronounced. Zegna Sport understands the essential need to promote well-being through a casual approach in which colors play a fundamental role in their ability to stimulate the mind and lift the spirits. Representing both freedom and fun, sun-bleached, two-tone colors are fresh and energizing: Yellow, Coral, Mandarin, Sky, Indigo, Khaki and Pewter are the primary colors that mark this very special collection. Shapes are informal with a strong sense of holiday, while perforated two-tone nylon and leather outerwear deliver a stylish edge to the lifestyle-based theme.

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