LONGCHAMP @ Red is The New Black

LONGCHAMP travels to Goa, India and presents its selected "Rogue" accessories collection with the new style and chic must-have for SS2014. Red is bold and iconic, it is sexy and eye-catching and Red is the new black for the trend.

<GATSBY SPORT> is recognized for its suppleness and the originality of its sheepskin leather crafted to take on a lizard effect. This destructured material gives GATSBY SPORT an even more modern appeal. The almost used, patina effect of the leather adds a vintage spirit to the line. <ROSEAU BOX> This line is rectangular and sophisticated; for several seasons now rigid bags have been a hit. It works fantastically with ROSEAU: the rigidity of the leather brings it a spectacular glazed effect. The finishing allows a transparency to show through highlighting the patina of the crafted cowhide.ROSEAU BOX has something of the luxurious aspect of ROSEAU HÉRITAGE with its clear cut and beautifully finished edges, and maxi oval, more affordable.

<Derby> The beauty of Longchamp’s original canvas designed for the DERBY line is the very clever association of coated canvas with leather. This contemporary lined collection oozes city-appeal without neglecting its envied practical side. <Roseau Croco> The bamboo shaped clasp is the emblem of this classic Longchamp line. ROSEAU is recognized by its simple, timeless shape that appeals to active, stylish women the world over. Signed with the iconic Longchamp racehorse within a leather oval, the Roseau line comprises hand bags, small leather goods and accessories.

<New Legende> Longchamp has made the most of its know-how to inject a rejuvenating sweep while capitalizing on the LÉGENDE. Here, washed sheepskin leather makes it possible for the brand to put forward models in an irregular matt grain with gun barrel finishes for modern appeal. This material instills a rock ‘n roll spirit into NEW LÉGENDE, while ensuring it maintains an excellent price positioning.

On Location : Alila Diwa Goa India

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