ARTĒ 2014 Valentine's Day Pick

ARTĒ introduces a series of glistening jewelleries to express your passion to your beloved ones in this Valentine’s Day. The alluring masterpiece with exquisite craftsmanship and sparkling stones remarks the most memorable moments which is the perfect gift to represent the great love. Heart shape is the symbol of love while the sparkling stone is the metaphor of eternity. Conveying your heartfelt message with heart-shaped jewellery is always the best way to get her heart.

The Echo Heart collection underlines simple and clean silhouettes, which exudes pureness and prodigious aura. This elegant and delicate collection is embellished with rose gold plated or rhodium plated material to complement the jewels. Tiny white stones envelope each jewel to foment an extra dash of opulence. A woman’s splendour is further elevated with the scintillating refinement and makes it the perfect fit to the gentle and tender her.

The Temptation collection flaunts a heart-shaped design that is serenaded with fragments of numerous white stones. Pink gem adds decadence to this jewel which clings tightly onto the core to reveal unblemished simplicity. The feature of pink stones and rose gold plated base evoke the cuteness and sweetness of her.

Engrave your heart on his sleeve by pampering your beloved one with a pair of cufflinks. Moto Cufflinks is inspired by the motorcycle. The exquisite craftsmanship of silver motor molding is fully revealed in this refined design with 2 white stones on each side to protruded the masculinity. Flor Cufflinks are inspired by the pistil of a blooming flower. A 3-carat white stone is surrounded by 16 smaller round stones which reveal aura and glamour.

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