Smythson X Jonathan Sauders Second Collaboration

Smythson launches its second collaboration with Jonathan Saunders, combining Smythson’s uncompromising quality with Saunders’ exceptional eye for detail. Inspired by the city, Saunders’ SS2014 menswear collection is enthused by the Tokyo businessman of the 1980’s, embodying bold colours reminiscent of this rousing era. Playing home to Saunders’ graphic designs and bold colourways, Smythson’s classic Eliot folios and Grosvenor document cases are reworked with Jonathan’s creative eye, offering an exquisite range of new hues; from bold reds and blues to classic shades of black and grey, providing a sense of elegance and maturity whilst never losing their playfulness. The Smythson Eliot folios are smooth and supple, debuting in a trio of bold colours reminiscent of the 1980’s synthetic hues. Soft, supple taurillon leather moulds to the body with the lightest of touches, while its prominent curved panel creates the perfect slip for documents and notes. Options of clean Nile blue and white or ruby and black are complemented by a graphic fabric interior; while the dove grey and midnight blue option unzips to reveal a pop of bright blue leather. A wink of colour in the lining ensures no fragment is left unnoticed and allows effortless versatility without compromising on Smythson’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The timeless Smythson Grosvenor document cases are modernised in a selection of bold shades. Nile blue so reminiscent of Smythson’s remarkable heritage is paired with clean white and a vivid green lining; black and red create a striking juxtaposition of tones, while dove grey and black offer a subtle, sophisticated design with a pop of intense blue on the interior. Made with the very finest French calf leather, each piece is cleanly, quietly, beautifully executed and exemplifies certain longevity. Pops of primary colours are revealed upon opening distinguished silver clasps, adding an unexpected touch of playfulness and excitement to the interior. Smythson continues to lead the way in luxury leather goods, combining timeless craftsmanship with Saunders’ modern muse.

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