Paul Lafayet’s @ My Precious Love Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Paul Lafayet's My Precious Love Valentine’s Day Gift Box is one of the most popular confectionery and make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift as they are delicate, precious and appealing to the eyes, not to mention the palate. The Valentine’s Day Gift Box is presented in a special edition. The eye-catching and innovative heart-shaped diamond graphic of the box symbolizes the eternity of your love, while the tagline “My Precious Love” communicates your feelings to your beloved one.

Inside the box, nine macarons surround a central, heart-shaped macaron made from a sensuous mixture of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, all finished off in a deeply romantic shiny gold red to signify the exquisite nature of your love for your Valentine. The nine other delicious flavours, each one carefully hand-crafted by Paul Lafayet’s French chefs, are vanilla, chocolate, rose, lychee, raspberry, poppy, cappuccino, Baileys and pistachio. Available from 31 January, 2014 to 14 February, 2014.

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