Diane Von Furstenberg @ Journey of A Dress Exhibition

Diane Von Furstenberg celebrated in grand style with the opening Journey of A Dress Exhibition in Los Angeles recently. The exhibition kicked-off in a year that marks the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress and focused on a retrospective of vintage and contemporary DVF wraps, with a timeline chronicling the journey of the iconic dress from the first sample to a world-renowned symbol of power and freedom for entire generations of women. Limited edition anniversary dresses created fro the exhibition was also on display.

The exhibition also included portraits of designer, muse, and collector Diane von Furstenberg by celebrated artists such as Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Chuck Close, Francesco Clemente, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz. The work of Anh Doung, Zhang Huan and Li Songsong was also featured as well as the other contemporary artists.

In " A Ghost May Come", a stunning new piece from Dustin Yellin, the likeness of a wrap dress is suspended in glass while colorful illustrations from Antonio, Ruben Toledo and Konstantin Kakanias strike a more playful tone. The exhibition also included stills from the wrap dress' big screen cameos from Cybill shepherd in <Taxi Driver> to Amy Adams in <American Hustle>.

For the conception and design of the exhibition, DVF worked closely with Exhibition Designer, Bill Katz, Production Designer, Stefan Beckman and Fashion Curator, Michael Herz. The exhibition housed in the historic Wilshire May Company, the former home of the famous May Co Department store and the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The Glamour of the seventies is in the air in a year that Hollywood has paid homage to the glory of the decade with films like <American Hustle>

"I was 26 when I created the wrap dress," says Diane von Furstenberg, " I had no idea it would become such a phenomenon. I am excited and thrilled to have chosen Los Angeles to celebrate the four decades of the Journey of a Dress."

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