SWAROVSKI @ SS2014 Collection

SWAROVSKI SS2014 collection paying homage to art for the first time. “In colors, silhouettes, materials, and textures, art has always been a source of inspiration for designers, creators of fashion.The interactions between all of these influences create a jewelry style that is both unique and universal, for all women, for looks from day to day” says Nathalie Colin, Creative Director at Swarovski. From tribal craftsmanship to contemporary art, this new collection is based on earthy tones and brilliant primary colors. Ethnic cultures meet artistic movements in original combinations of simple and sophisticated materials, with Swarovski’s characteristic twist of modernity and femininity.These jewelry pieces, a fusion of simplicity and opulence, provide essential punctuation to a sharp and stylish wardrobe.

In this spirit, tradition and craftsmanship are united with the most cutting-edge techniques. A marriage of cultures, conveyed this season by jewelry centered around the concepts of “tribal glam” and “monochrome blue,” the major themes of this new collection, infused with an air that is casual, natural, and direct.

For “Tribal Glam”, tribal lines inspired by the art and craftsmanship of Africa have been given an urban twist. Contemporary looks receive an injection of yellow gold, combinations of gold- or silver-plated metals with simple materials such as wood, leather, or cord, and the bold work that turns these into animal prints, hammered mounts, and moving fringes. All of these bring a new allure to crystal, a mood that is both casual and sophisticated.

The “Video” pendant and “Stone” bracelets feature gold rose, silver and black tones as if taken from the earth, highlighting the combination of plating and black. In the same spirit, an oversized cuff, “Auburn,” in metal and leather, appears embroidered with a bracelet of rough crystals and plays on the concept of modern totems. Between simplicity and opulence, the “Arty” pendant and earrings with their bold central exclusive cut crystal stones combine the precise techniques of pavé and Pointiage®. Fringed like a tribal mask, the long “Afternoon” earrings form a set with a cocktail ring whose metal seems to form a cage around an oversized stone. Metal and crystal become one and create unexpected jewelry, bold and full of character.

Shining, luminous, artistic, this new collection also embodies a desire for freedom: it features versatile jewelry, pieces that double up, two-in-one styles, and removable sections for unique jewelry that can be customized in an instant according to the mood. For example, the “Video” triple rings in mix of rose gold plating and black pvd with clear crystal pavé can be separated as desired to wear alone or as a pair. Borrowing from nature, this collection has brought forth an art formed of organic lines and simple materials. Natural pigments have allowed the creation of rich primary colors, the base from which all shades come. Among them is blue, used here in pure, intense monochrome. The power of pigments offers a new freedom of expression: crystal blends ever more closely with fabrics, as in the “Amazing” set that aligns plates of Crystal Rock, Swarovski’s new favorite material, in denim tones from raw indigo to stonewash. A mixture of techniques and aesthetics that expresses Swarovski’s DNA and exemplifies the company’s skill, from the working of crystal to its color and sparkle.

Turquoise, aqua… Summery monochrome also appears in pieces with more delicate lines, inspired by modern summer glamour. A pearl necklace, chandelier earrings, bracelets, and pendants adorned with a beautifully faceted crystal cabochon: these pieces convey the feel of easy living, the taste of a certain lifestyle, both artistic and authentic, given a touch of romance by the addition of figurative floral motifs. Natural and tribal, escaped from a contemporary art gallery, Swarovski’s new collection expresses a remarkably strong identity, a modern and elegant stylistic signature. An air of joie de vivre, a touch of the extraordinary, created to illuminate daily life.

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