Erbert Chong Limited Edition Scarves @ 2014 Valentine’s Day

Erbert Chong Launches Limited Edition Scarves for Valentine’s Day reinterprets Elements of traditional Chinese Opera and Wild Safari”. The scarf features vibrant colored jade beads, Chinese cloud collars and giraffes, is a reinterpretation of elements from traditional Chinese opera and wild safari. “I was still very much inspired by my debut collection, “Safari54” and wanted to continue exploring with something different. I started drawing sketches of animals from the safari and this giraffe piece stood out from the rest. It had attitude, the same kind of attitude that an Erbert Chong woman would have: strong, confident with an air of “je ne sais quoi”. I also find giraffes one of the most elegant animals.” Erbert Chong commented on the inspiration behind the scarf design.

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