Emilio Pucci @ SS 2014 Collection

Emilio Pucci SS2014 Collection booming with colors with a twist of hip hop and the pulse of Masai pattern. The Pucci girl powerfully strides into the summer season, newly energized and punched with a confident street vibe. Creative Director Peter Dundas has set a speedy pace for this blazing voyage, plucking key pieces from activewear and plunging them, unapologetically, into new lavish embellishment. A sporty heat smolders and then combusts into his modern picture laced with luxury.

 The world of sports informs easy shapes. Silhouettes are either small and body conscious, or purposefully oversized, billowing with the energy of a Hans Feurer photograph. Brief skirts and Dundas’ trademark body skimming Tshirt dresses in bonded jersey are juxtaposed with sequined track suit pants, boxy cropped varsity tops, and oversized parachute silk printed parkas. The tuxedo jacket is paired with jogging shorts. Giant embroidered fishnet tank dresses are thrown over microshift dresses.

Athletic wear is transformed by the Pucci atelier and its couture-worthy techniques. Sweat pieces feature lavish embroideries inspired by Masai tribes, crusted into collages of raffia, thread, bead and crystal. Basketball tank tops are spun from fragile jet beaded tulle. Air tech cropped hoodies are cut from luxurious, perforated plonge leather. The netting on athletic tops? It’s actually a complex web of rich black micro beading.

Pucci’s time-honored emblems get kicked into high gear. The Pucci crest becomes a tough medallion on boxing belts. Pucci graffiti becomes an embroidery motif. The archival 1963 Taitu print swirls on jersey sweat pants, while the classic Lamborghini print has been newly energized with a henna tattoo overlay. All the while, African inspired color jumps out in electric blue, orange red, and yellow, shocking the eye, with flashes of silver and black.
Saucy sport struts right through evening.

Transparent racing stripes flank the sides of body skimming beaded gowns or one piece jumpsuits. Tracksuit bottoms, with rich embroideries, or a sequined sports bra and short skirt, replace the dress. Thrown on with sky high hiking sandals or boxing boots with Masai embroidered heels, and mixed with crocodile hipsacks, the look wafts in a new category of sporty deluxe.

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