PRADA Double Bag @ A Unique Minimal And Extremely Lightweight Bag

Prada Double Bag : A unique, minimal and extremely lightweight bag Intricate technical construction. The mix of both leather outside and nappa inside in either tone on tone or contrasting colours, blends inside and out into a single piece. The bag becomes almost weightless and is unique at the same time. Attention to detail: The internal divider has a flap pocket that makes it easier to organise contents in a practical, versatile way. The design is complemented by hand-covered buttons on each side, and by a new metal name plaque and lace with buckle. 

From the beginning, Prada products were distinguished by an unrivalled attention to craftsmanship and detail. To be Prada is to be perfect in every way. The process of making a contemporary product demands a new level of commitment to both handcraft and technology. Innovation involves the whole production process. Prada doesn’t rely only on craftsmanship but on the ability to translate that exquisite craft to an industrial level.

Prada employs techniques that are older than memory and methods so new they are considered trade secrets. But whatever the technique, the execution relies on a highly motivated and dedicated human to give it life. And while the result of industrial production, every Prada product is unique.

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