SEA FU @ A Culinary Journey To Delight Your Senses

Does the East-Meets-West Asian-inspired fresh seafood menu at the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach Dubai's Sea Fu restaurant provide a truly inspirational dining experience to delight your senses or the mastermind from behind the culinary team enlighten and redefine your beach front glamour culinary experience? mylifestlenews writes.

Frankly, we are actually quite reluctant patronizing those Asia fusion restaurants for many reasons. As most of the chefs would like to “show off” what has inspired them from their past culinary working experience working abroad and eventually the dishes turn out to be something that was not quite achievable from either side of their western culinary skill with what they described it an Asian twist at the end but forgetting or not even close to the original palate. We have no objection but admire those ambitious Chefs that are eager to step out from their comfort zone but the bottom line is, THE FOOD MUST BE GOOD and most importantly for not losing its authenticity. But most of the time the feel good sensation usually is larger than life to please and entertain themselves more than surprising the diners. Sea Fu delivers very good food and then some!

With direct views of the Arabian Gulf, the crystal clear blue water compliments the modern and chic setting at Sea Fu restaurant set right in front on the beach. The trendy contemporary interior decor gives a sense of elegance, from the matching furniture to the color they used which reflects a nouvelle ambience with sophistication. Inside or on the terrace, the choice is yours to discover the beauty of its set up.

If you are arriving from the resort entrance through the lush green garden, the elegant runway from the entrance leading to the restaurant and beach front is simply graceful, modish and refined. A completely different mood and color tone with the outdoor terrace of indoor interior. Bamboo lanterns are placed on the white marble floors along with the wooden beams and white canopy above also hanging with a few more lanterns in different designs to create a relaxed resort feel.

White orchids are the best compliment adding a zen yet elegant element to the entire arrival experience. The “island bar” concept is dedicated to its own section with a high ceiling hut and high bar stools around it serving trending cocktails and some signature and exclusive drinks.

The outdoor terrace is definitely the ideal spot in the cooler seasons, with a stretch of canopy to keep you away from the strong sun yet giving ample space allowing the cool and gentle sea breeze to float through the entire outdoor terrace with a calming sensation.

Adding the blue beach umbrella scattered around the dining area not only gives you an extra relaxing beach front dining mood yet contrasting the blue cushions used as well as the table setting comes along with a light of blue napkins, blue tumblers and small blue pottery pot plants. A hue of blue is expected at Sea Fu, so friendly yet inviting.

The interior décor is another dimension for Sea Fu restaurant, a tall Bon Sai plant sits in the meddle of the dining room’s service table, with the blue tailed open kitchen as background and surrounded by white linen table settings. A gigantic mood lamp with blue inner shade hangs atop on the high ceiling, which creates the glowing and awe-inspiring indoor dining experience. The corner seats are in demand for a more intimate dining experience for its limited dedication.

Sea Fu clearly plays around with the words Si-fu – a master in skill and also fresh catch seafood as their highlight in the restaurant dining concept. Their expansive Asian modern menu was created to honor the flavours of native Japan, China, as well those of Thailand and Vietnam, all composed with the exquisite flair of Chef Pierre.

A Japanese style steamed egg custard with a light dash of soy and garnished with a steam of mushroom as our amuse Bouche and compliment the restaurant. The steamed custard was perfectly executed in silky texture and the dash of soy is always the soul of Chanwanmushi that elevates the entire palate.

<Yuzu Tempura Prawn Roll>
We started with the signature dish by the wait staff’s recommendation, the Yuzu tempura Prawn maki inspired roll was rolled with cream cheese, avocado, yamagobo (a kind of Japanese pickled burdock root that is commonly used in roll sushi or maki), mayonnaise. Despite the rice was a little on the losing end from the sliced mouth full roll yet the fillings made a good combination especially the tempura prawn was fried to the light crispy texture.

<Eel Nigri Sushi>
Served with homemade sashimi sauce with a base of seaweed and soy which came on the side is not entire our favorite dipping. The eel nigri sushi is best to enjoy on its own as the grilled eel was already well marinated.

<Korean Pear Salad>
Quite a few renown fine dining restaurants finely crafted this dish on their menu especially when the Korean pears are in season. A good refine Korean pear salad is meant to be light, refreshing, crispy, sweet & juicy (from the pear) and not with any over powering but best with citrus dressing. Se Fu’s version came with bean sprouts, Asian herbs and tamarind dressing. It was utterly delightful!

<Spicy Chicken>
As we were told it is more of a Korean style inspired dish and is a spicy dish. When the dish was brought to the table, it is a sticky version of a Chinese Gong Bao Chicken that was stir-fried with peanuts, chili and scallion instead. The flavor would perfectly fit to any Westerner’s or foreigners’ palate but not to any Asian who knows the Gong Bao Chicken dish in their heart.

<Prawn Tempura>
The Cajun seasoning and spicy sauce did not really do much to compliment the Prawn Tempura. When a good tempura comes into our mind, the fleaky batter and crumbs catches your eyes immediately and the prawns used were rather too small in size. We expect a little more delicate and tasteful presentation from this dish instead of having the entire plates filled up to the maximum after some artfully quaint  presentation from previous dishes.

<Laksa Soup>
A small and pleasing soup where shoba was used instead of the yellow noodles with mini seafood used : prawn, calamari, mini mussel and vegetables. The curry laksa is not as pungent and aromatic as we thought but this lighter version would be a good ‘palate cleanser” before we moved on to our most anticipated main course since most of the previous delivery was more of a Japanese influence on our taste buds.

<Roasted Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Rosini>
This Grade 5 roasted Wagyu beef tenderloin Rosini is one of the highlights of our culinary journey and grilled to perfection. The meat was tender and well marbled with a delicious flavor and loving every morsel of it. The duck foie gras, potato, shisho bread crumb, Maitake mushroom and edamame enlightened the entire mouthful experience. A must-order dish in Sea Fu despite seafood being their highlight on the menu.

<Charred Octopus Leg>
The charred Octopus Leg struck our eyes immediately when we first saw this on the menu. We were simply loving the burnt char-grilled flavor but not overcooked or killing the soft texture of the octopus leg. The presentation would be more exotic when the entire leg is served without being cut and sliced. The green peas, chorizo, quinoa, scallion, Shishito pepper, buckwheat tuile on the light and flavorsome Japanese Dashi stock are just the perfect combination to all and we were loving it!

<Lotus Flower>
Usually dessert is not our on our priority list yet the dessert menu in Sea Fu is quite tempting even when the menu was presented without any images but only words. It is mainly because of the delicate and exclusive combination of ingredients being used. The power and beauty of words being described to aspire are simply magical. Hence, we decided to have three desserts to round up our culinary experience in Sea Fu despite we were told that it may take at least 20 minutes wait. The blossoming Lotus Flower dessert contains passion fruit, roasted cashew nut, salted caramel sorbet. A bit of both from the saltiness and sweetness combo would definitely open your blossoming heart.

<Yuzu and Blood Orange Brioche>
Citrus palate is expected here. Orange cream and the grapefruit sorbet are to die for and no words to describe the pleasant delight that danced in our mouth not to mention the freshly baked brioche that gives a well-balanced texture and taste. You will be sorry for not ordering this when you dine in Sea Fu.

<Coco Berries>
Beautifully presented! The caramelized puff pastry dough, coconut mousse, raspberry sorbet is another triumphant achievement in Sea Fu. Absolutely delicious and a great balance of flavors with a delicacy of touch.

Desserts became another highlight and discovery in Sea Fu with a big surprise and the wait was definitely worth it. The entire menu crafted by Chef Pierre was mainly with Japanese inspiration highlighting individual flavors with spice and taste levels which were really well judged. The service team is another beauty added to the entire dining experience in Sea Fu. Matteo and Luca are the to-go-to persons for their attentiveness, product knowledge and know-how hospitality that was delivered and truly impressed us. There are slight hit and misses in Sea Fu yet taste is a very personal thing and subjective. More importantly, a meal to enjoy, please yourself in a laid-back, chic and trendy atmosphere, that is the meal to “dine” for.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Dessert Selection

2 Jumeirah Street
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel:+971 (0) 4270 7777

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