Diane von Furstenberg Unveiled ‘The Tree of Love’ Claridge’s 2018 Christmas Tree

 Claridge’s, London’s legendary Mayfair hotel has unveiled the Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2018 in the hotel lobby designed by fashion icon and long-time friend of the hotel, Diane von Furstenberg. This year’s Christmas Tree entitled <The Tree of Love> is inspired by Diane’s passion and strong belief in the power of love, symbolising life and nature, and drawing particularly from the creative influences of the ancient traditions of the astrological world.

The six-metre sculptural ‘Tree of Love’ is coloured with a blue iridescent lustre and shimmer and is decorated with over 8,000 hand painted silver-leafed leaves, glass spheres, as well as, of course, 150 hand-blown glass hearts. The tree also plays host to six different silver-leafed abstract designed animals, from an owl representing knowledge and wisdom, a dove, peace and a horse strength and endurance. Highlighting the importance of nature within the ‘Tree of Love’, a sculptural deer representing gentleness sits at the base, a peacock representing beauty, and nestled gently sleeping is a silver leafed mouse to symbolise curiosity. The idea of the tree is that all is derived from the universe and the tree winds its way upwards towards the heavens from its roots. A celestial backdrop and zodiac signs fully encompass the tree.

Diane has also included in her ‘Tree of Love’ important, symbolic words that have long been her mantra including Peace, Harmony, Knowledge, Truth, Freedom, Enlightenment and Wisdom. In order to make this a fully immersive experience the lobby of Claridge’s has been reimagined under Diane’s creative vision with a magical midnight blue skylight covered in dazzling stars and astrological star signs from the constellation encouraging us to look upward to the sky for inspiration. Throughout the lobby there are also structural arches of silver leaves intertwined with magical fairy lights and hand-blown Murano glass baubles.

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