Agnes b Homme AW2018 Dare Sirs! Collection

Modern men are seeking to live a more sophisticated lifestyle today, but when it comes to fashion, men still tend to wear simple and conservative designs and colours for their everyday wear regardless of the bold and avant-garde styles on the couture catwalk shows. Agnès, who is always committed to promoting fashion development, shows her understanding by curating the AW2018 Collection in the theme of “Dare Sirs!”. Boasting simply yet timeless design, a multitude of individual styles are achieved. It is an invitation to men that resonates with Agnès’ audacious spirit – Dare to be authentic and follow your values, just like Agnès from her beginning.

La Place – Street Fashion
La Place is the hip hop cultural centre in Paris and Agnès is the president of this association. This probably explains why Agnès never fails to infuse street fashion elements into her collection. For this collection, Agnès wants to express her love for Street Art - Inspired by her artist friends, Agnès reinterprets “street” wardrobe with a tailoring approach. Instead of offering flamboyant graffiti colours, the designer adorns a delicate palette of grey, rain blue and fiery red, bringing street look back to the pristine world of black and white. Agnès pays extra attention to the use of patterns, including the classic checks, 60 x 60 stripes, and exclusive digital prints generated from photographs. Long coat and trench coat further adds attitude to the outfits that is dandy and stylish all at once. Two remarkable artists are also invited to join the collaboration, including French graffiti artist Psyckoze who celebrates the second collaboration since 2003, and ASH, a key figure in European graffiti movement. The strong line-up continues to lead the fashion trend with unlimited creativity.

Le Baroudeur – The Connotation of Travel
Agnès explores the adventurous spirits of travellers through fashion: she imagines a traveler who travels around the world, explores diverse cultures and brings back different influences. To complete a “Baroudeur” wardrobe, Agnès designs a series which combines fashion and functionalitylong double-breast coats, wide trousers and water-repellent trench coats inspired by sailor are paired with warm and light sweaters, knits and flannel shirt, giving extra flexibility and layering inspiration for all weather and occasions.

The main colour tone is black, white, blue and grey, embellished with hints of brown and yellow as imageries of the land and the sea, paying tribute to adventurers who travel through countries and by the sea.

Nouvelle Vague – The French New Wave
Cinema has always been a source of inspiration for Agnès. This season, Agnès creates modern retro looks by recreating the movie costumes in the 60s and 70s, as well as adding New Wave elements which were greatly influenced by French director Jean-Luc Godard and actor Jean-Paul Belmondo.

The vintage code is illustrated by a blend of dark grey, brown and white, whereas the audacity of infusion and freshness in choices are revealed by our comfortable and flexible jersey products, which has become an agnès b.’s signature. Along with woolly jackets, exclusive pattern shirts and 3 pieces in subtle monochrome with chain jewels inspired by hip-hop culture create an avant-garde yet classy style. Vintage tile prints and jogger pants lend a certain casualness to the look, so that different styles can be effortlessly achieved to meet the needs of every occasion.

Neo Punk Rock
As a music lover, Agnès never forgets her iconic rock and roll style looks. For this collection, in addition to the tight-fitting silhouette and dark glamour from the punk wardrobe, she adopted Scottish checks to create new styles. The diverse use of modern fabrics such as printed cotton poplins, technical materials and millerain reinterprets rock style with a modern touch. Together with the exclusive paper clip pattern and bunches of details, this unique look echoes with the theme “Dare Sirs!”, encouraging men to mix and match freely: Sweater in suit Jacket, checked suit with leather necktie and chunky jewels, corduroy jacket accompanied by funky patterned tee... there are no rules.

The 70’s
Venturesome daring is the key direction in the 70’s when people were bold with colors, prints and cuts. This significant mark of fashion history has captured Agnès’ attention, and inspired her to create a vibrant 70’s wardrobe that is both retro and chic. Available in a mix of warm colours such as burgundy, yellow, orange and purple in strong prints, large collars as well as velvet flared trousers are proposed in Agnès’ willingness. A true liberation of men’s fashion, this series will absolutely stand out as a brand new vintage trend.

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