BOUCHERON x Zhou Dongyu In 2018 Christmas Collection

This Christmas, Boucheron teamed up with China award-winning actress Zhou Dongyu of her inimitable beauty featured in a short film to translate the enigmatic panache of Serpent Bohème, Quatre, and Animaux de Collection onto the screen.  Bright lights and sparkles - that is the epitome of Christmas. Stand out from the festive menagerie of colours in your own unique style, with Boucheron’s fine jewellery collections.

In 2018, Boucheron brings the Bohemian and Christmas spirits together through the use of coloured stones in shades of rhodolite garnet, malachite, citrin and lapis lazuli. When the gorgeous gems meld with the clear-cut diamonds in the various designs, which include rings, necklaces, and earrings, the effect is stunning and multi-faceted. Set with gold beading and yellow or pink gold chain, the Bohemian free spirit is perfectly encapsulated in the limitless possibilities of how versatile these designs can be.

Another Boucheron star jewellery collection, Quatre, leaves an indelible impression with its one-of-a-kind designs. Simple lines hark back to the maison’s classic aesthetic and Parisian roots. Crafted with radiant pave diamonds, the Quatre collection of rings come in clean spiralling lines that gives one boundless ideas of mixing and matching them to create one's own unique style. Undoubtedly, Quatre is designed for the perfect piece to wear to stand out in the parties.

This menagerie of wild totems is all that would delight that inner child in all of us. Artisan-crafted with unfettered imaginations, the Animaux de Collection comes to life with designs of wildlife, each of which are christened with a name that bears a deep meaning. Doesn’t that make the perfect gift for your closest confidante or loved one? Zhou Dongyu wears Hans the hedgehog ring and pendant necklace in the short film. Both Zhou and Hans embody these attractive qualities and they shine through when she wears the hedgehog motif - adorable, cheeky, and vivacious. Hans the hedgehog as a motif is the perfect embodiment of a guardian and protector of the wearer. The delicate spikey Pointe de diamant of Hans is the maison’s signature code, a Boucheron-exclusive technique that gives this jewellery piece its reflective dazzle.  

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