M Boutique Hotel Ipoh – "Come As Stranger Leave As Friends"

Being the pioneer design and boutique hotel in Ipoh and replicating much of the pre war shop houses founded in historical Malaya, the M Boutique Hotel Ipoh certainly has brought the sleepy town to life…..again. mylifestylenews writes.

Known for its tin mining in the past centuries along the Kinta Valley, Ipoh was once a flourishing city enriched with such huge business operation well associated with the rubber estate plantation and production. Not forgetting also for its eminent and superb local food and street-eats passed on from the previous generation of their know-how in making these comestible home-made delicacies that is so authentic and sumptuous that not only the locals would patronise daily, but also attracts travelers and tourists alike nationally and even globally just to pay a visit to this revived sleepy town.

Ipoh airport is now backed with more action, connecting with more frequent flights on a daily basis – domestically and internationally. Hence, hotels are in demand and smaller scale boutique and design hotels are even more to the favour for the younger and trendier generation.

In the past decades, Ipoh only existed with traditional hotels that offered a common accommodation stay with comfort and yet a standard that catered for mainstream tourists or business travelers. And now the game plan has changed and also becoming more accessible and affordable, thanks to the lead of the M Boutique Hotel by putting up a more design base yet less serious but funnier and chic hotel that caters for everyone.

Situated across the Kinta River from the old town of Ipoh where most of the good eateries and shops are located, especially the renown global name of the Old Town White Coffee where it was originated that attracts both locals and tourist flocking in during the week and not to mention during the long weekend of public holidays, the entire area is packed with traffic. The urban eclectic thematic M Boutique Ipoh hotel is within walking distance to the local attractions and highlights.

Being the first and flagship hotel in Ipoh, the brand has extended to a few more other suburbs in Ipoh as well as to its neighboring town in Kampar and even in different states of Malaysia in Cyberjaya. With its signature bold design and not replicating their own designs in their Family of Hotels, every property is unique.

The first impression when we were approaching the M Boutique hotel was with its gigantic rooftop logo giving us the impression of a French café instead, thanks to its large windows and wooden black frames reminiscent of the imaginary.

A neon sign with “Come As Stranger Leave As Friend” welcomes our arrival and what’s behind the ‘scene” is a well displayed small shop that is selling carefully selected design goods and crafts that you won’t normally see in any mainstream retail, and it is certainly worth a browse.

The M Boutique

By pushing the metal framed glass door, a blissful vision in front of us struck our eyes immediately: the tasteful flower arrangement well displayed at the corner of the tall wooden ‘bar top” desk and a few cast-iron round stools juxtaposing the well fitted old Chinese Medicine cabinets with hundreds of “hand pulled” drawers as the front desk background as well as the dark wooden floorings contrasting the contemporary low end sofas with plush cushions brightening the entire design concept of the foyer.

The luminous bar of light bulbs hung above the front desk adds another playful mood and old trunks are piled up at the other corners of the reception desk next to the industrial wall lifts with several clocks displaying major international cities time zones.

We headed straight up to our 33 Sqm Suite King room which is probably one of the biggest rooms they have in the hotel featuring a separate seating area with vintage furniture reminiscent of an English Cottage in an Industrial Loft.

It is not only chic but playful and bright with the entire ambience that is so design driven. The white tiles with black lining immediately brighten up the entire bathroom that comes with a high pressured rain shower.

The classy white tiles bathroom

Inspiring hallway on every floor

Playful signage for room direction

The five stories tall M boutique hotel has a different conceptual and design touch on each level decorated and hand painted with whimsical arts on the wall as well as the hallways with animal motions, insects photography and tasteful corners that inspire and encourage you to have your own selfie done at once.

The hotel also offers a small well-equipped gym next to the living room that serves more like a chill out room and a mini library as well as self service laundry service available.

 Breakfast is served with a simple buffet in two restaurants for your choice of a more western selection at the MYTH Eatery and Bar which was design to look like a classic apothecary shop or the Old Town White Coffee for a more local or Malaysian delights such as the Nasi Lemak as well as its renown white coffee that is best to be enjoyed with Hot or Ice-cold preference.

With 5 years since its opening in 2013, the M Boutique hotel is still one of the preferred choice of hotels to many new trendy travelers who come or stop over in Ipoh for a night or a long weekend and the operation has reached to a more mature level by offering  the courteous service and hospitality of a fun hotel living staycation. After all, their motif is to want you “Come As Stranger Leave As Friends” by bringing home the fondest memories of your stay.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Housekeeping: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4/5

Highlights :
Thematic Design

2 Jalan Haka Datuk 5
Ipoh Perak
Tel: +6 05 255 5566

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