LEONARD AW2018/19 The Rite Winter Runway Collection - Live From Paris

LEONARD AW2018/19 The Rite Winter 
Runway Collection

As winter came, so did an unstoppable desire to flee the city and the drudgery of everyday life to rediscover nature. Destination: Iceland.

The LEONARD woman has organized her expedition with the greatest care: a ski suit, floral and belted, anoraks and puffer jackets with graphic details, technical garments cut out of silk, that allow her to face the elements.

Armed with peg pants and Chevron-weaved knitwear with cashmere prints, she is ready.

To blend into the landscape, she slips into a cape dress in the colors of a frozen lake with ribbed sleeves, a bomber jacket in the hues of an aurora borealis, a blouson adorned with untamed flora.

Her body is in motion, and the ergonomic cuts of the garments help her to confront the eternal landscapes. Snow flake prints, tundra-tinted dresses, frosty flowers all around her: she is slowly absorbing the environment she came to observe.

These protective shell-like garments are lined with plush textiles, so as to suggest a duality in her wardrobe and within herself.

Finally, she becomes the landscape, its sunrays, its frozen plains, as she wears a fluid dress like a sunset on an ice floe.

Cashmere and silk stoles with celestial and floral motifs, bags like moon crescents: the woman imagined by LEONARD isn’t “in” but “of” nature. She has merged with the world around her.

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