PRADA Presents PRADA Mode Maimi

Prada presents Prada Mode, a club that invites its members to experience art, music, dining, conversations and late night festivities with a focus on contemporaneity at large and local.

Imagined as a club that augments and extends significant global cultural gatherings at diverse locations worldwide.

Prada Mode offers guests exclusive access to unique programs and content that complement the themes and subjects of the host event.

The inaugural iteration which was held at Freehand Miami from December 4th to 6th served as both an exclusive destination and a discreet, elegant retreat from the daily clamor of high-intensity cultural engagements during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Events were planned throughout each day and a site-specific intervention by Theaster Gates was presented throughout the club imbued with the experience of music, retreat and archival practice.

In advance of Art Basel in Miami Beach, Prada Mode members received credentials and special invitations for all current and future occurrences of the club.

The Miami schedule included events organized by the artist Theaster Gates, the National Young Arts Foundation, and Document Journal as well as special musical performances and dancing with DJ sets.

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