ANDREW GN AW2018 Runway Collection - Top 10 Favorite Pick by mylifestylenews

Look 15
Red wool coat with sky blue velvet fern appliqué.

Look 01
Black crepe A-line dress with gold thread embroidery, eyelet ruffles and grosgrain ribbons at the cuffs.

Look 29
Rose motif jacquard jacket with 3D sequin flower collar and mink-trimmed midi skirt with beaded fern appliqué.

Look 30
Coral pink asymmetric dress with sculpted ruffle, apricot velvet fern appliqué and passementerie trimmings.

Look 32
Cornflower blue A-line dress with ruffle epaulettes, coral, pearl and malachite embroidery and trimmings.

Look 33
Peacock feather print skirt and blouse with belt

Look 35
Silk organza Gibson Girl blouse embellished with hand-frayed plissé. Raspberry pink velvet patchwork Paisley skirt.

Look 36
Blue dress with embroidered yellow ferns

Look 38
Powder pink midi dress with sculpted ruffles, emerald green peacock feather appliqué and a black velvet ribbon.

Look 40
Plum and violet evening gown with sculpted ruffles, velvet patchwork anemone appliqué and a grosgrain ribbon.

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