MM6 AW2018 Collection

A whole wardrobe, silver coated. Shadows and light. The ethos of The Factory updated for MM6’s audience. Community and sharing. Garments belong not to MM6 but the wearer – they adjust, evolve, age and transform depending on the owner’s style and body. The same point can be made about polaroids - as Wim Wenders argues, they belong to the subject, not the maker.

Fifteen polaroid cameras are spread around the showroom and presentation – five garments, all staples of the MM6 language, come with a transparent pocket to contain the resultant photographs. Unique to the owner – a memento of a moment in time. With this in mind, a limited edition t-shirt celebrating the presentation and featuring a double silver foil treatment is now available at the London store. As always, building on the past carefully and deliberately. Looking back to look forward - re-referencing to create the supermodern wardrobe.

The venue, an English pub, has been turned into a silver backdrop for the Autumn - Winter 2018 collection. The travelling concept will appear in pop up stores around the world. Disco vibes conquer a whole MM6 wardrobe. Mainly mannish. Margiela’s rebel spirit, combined with today MM6 staples. Moddish, uniform elements – the polo, the mac, the duffle, 5-pocket denim. Scaling up or down. Margiela signatures transformed when in silver metallic – slip-dresses, blouse blanche, gloves and sleeves. Crease lines are visible, toying with structured and flat, tailored and oversized.

Silver foiling. MM6 classics – denim, jersey, knitwear are covered and coated in one uniform silver hue. A wide range of eclectic fabrications - Tinsel trim. Sequins. Shearling. Distressed holes in denim replicate the form and of a disco ball – visible when light is shone through.

Singular silver. A re-imagination of digital print. Motifs rendered from photographs found in the Margiela archive – a disco ball, crushed foil. A nod to the house’s trompe l’oeil expertise. A nod to less known, twisted, semi-gauche elements of Margiela’s history.

The everyday and found objects twisted. A motorcycle helmet becomes a bag. Disco ball mirrors inspire jewelry. A new heel introduced on footwear also features on jewellery.

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