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With the emergence of new hotels notably in prime locations with top-notch design and wellbeing environments that continue to lure smart and sophisticated travelers in Hua Hin, Thailand, SO Sofitel Hua Hin strives to take you to a whimsical journey the moment you step into this alluring resort. mylifestylenews writes.

Located 25 minutes from Hua Hin town and with a footprint on Cha-Am beach coastline with direct beach access, this low-rise resort is tucked away from the more obvious soaring high beach resorts in the region. Quiet Cha-Am still holds it original fishing village charm and is ideal for a relaxing getaway. Subsequently, the arrival experience can be impressive and stylish, with artworks grabbing your attention left and right – a rabbit holding a clock and then a black panther stood still and greet you on the incredibly wide marble stairs leading you to the first sheltered area. You can definitely make a grand entrance walking up these steps in an imposing manner,  the first quaint impression impact what would be next on the list to be discovered and encountered.

Once we got to the top of this short ascension, we were actually at rooftop height level. A pool of reflecting water featuring the resort brand stainless steel SO logo as well as a giant size bronze rhino and crocodile art work that may possibly and immediately make you think that you are entering into the “Jurassic World” instead. Eye-catching or eye soaring? For a quirky taste that can’t be easily explained.

SO Sofitel’s brands are generally playful and somehow quirky when it comes to their concept design. The lobby is with no exception, the open-air concept is refreshing in comparing to the expected traditional aspects. Chalk board wall with hand drawings of local attractions highlighted in a map form juxtaposing the long piece of well polished wood used as the reception desk, displays with a big bundle of fresh sea coconuts as a pure form of art element chosen. Industrial up-cycled chairs, stools that are produced in different materials mixing with tailor-made high back bamboo cushion lounge chairs concocting a design state of mind to the entire open lobby area.

The 36°C heat and high humidity filled the air on our mid-day arrival, stuffy and wet. Despite being picked up by the hotel pre-arranged limousine, our arrival shall be expected and the check-in formality shall be prompt, straight to the point and under control. Yet, staff were a little disorganized, not only lacking of personalization and warmth that you won’t normally experience in Thai hospitality but also not paying attention to offer a welcoming gesture to prioritize and simplify the check-in procedure  which in fact dampened our enthusiastic expectations of this niche design-focused resort.

The check-in took more than 20 minutes to proceed before we descended the other side of the lobby and headed down into the shade, the staff pointed back to Mr. Rabbit – the art work display on the driveway lawn that was holding the clock with actual local time indication and summoned us to leave our time outside to Mr. Rabbit as we were about to begin a journey that time isn’t needed here in order to enjoy every moment in this “lost paradise”. Sweet and charming, we wished we could have left the reception at once after the 20 minutes disarrangement and proceed to an air-conditioning shelter or to our room with further completion of the check-in procedure.

However, do let the resort unfold before your eyes as the there are many other design elements with hidden surprises. The gabions for walls – large stones encased in wire cages, which frames the central section, housing the spa, adults only swimming pool, gallery, restaurant and other amenities – which have a cooling effect due to the height and the shade they cast over the paths.

As we are in a very sunny climate, this is a quite smart design element. Secondly, you begin to realize that the resort is designed on straight lines, so the paths are all heading to the beach and you are provided with copious amounts of shade with beautifully mature trees and shrubs to soften the stone wall elements.

We were taken to the beachfront villa and introduced to our home for the next three nights, a two bedroom Pool Villa with two separate pavilions, one of the main bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom, while the other houses the large living and dining area, plus a second bedroom and bathroom/guest toilet.

All accommodation in the resort has polished concrete floors and walls with high ceilings and softened with the addition of carpets, bold and vibrant fabrics for furniture and then stenciled artwork to reference art.

The bedrooms were recently revamped by local creative signature of fashion designer, Polpat Asavaprapha and finished with an aesthetically pleasing touch by the infamous fashion designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix after the recent success and exposure from the existing SO Sofitel Bangkok.

There are two designs throughout the resort: SO Arty – inspired by chic contemporary design; and SO Nature – landscape photography combined with simple organic elements and refined French luxury. Ours was in the SO Arty category. While the design might sound busy, it is not, as they have used subtlety to create the softening touches, plus the floor to ceiling windows allow the room to be flooded with natural light, with the blackout curtains to cool down the room. This is the ultimate expression of modern architecture and interior design contrasting the industrial minimalist motif. Simply SO Verve!

Our 260sqm SO Pool two bedroom villa comes with a private pool, larger than the usual plunge pool than we expected. It is best to make friends with the giant inflatable swan pool float for some water fun in your own discreet privacy.

However, the bathroom is a design that is hit or miss. The freedom of space is refreshing and the ceiling high rain shower is set in the middle of the bathroom and splashes water everywhere not only to the flat concrete surface yet the oversized bath tub next to it as well as the HIS and HER bathroom vanities. The idea was superb yet not realistically well executed. Puddles of water remains undrained and adds more hazards even just by using the vanities to find a dry spot option to stand still. On the other hand, it also adds further unnecessary jobs for housekeeping to clean.

Despite further wear and tear are found in this resort mainly has to do with the damaged floorings in the room and adult swimming pool area, air-con duct, creased and partly molded curtains and areas that need more dusting and paying further attention to, there are many design elements in this resort all over the compound that’ll capture your eyes.

The all-day-dining White Oven hits the spot with authentic local Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although for those less intrepid travelers who still crave western flavours, White Oven has the usual spread for westerners, but we seriously urge you to go for the local flavours as nothing will fail you in flavor and presentation.

A Mediterranean delight is another alternative option in Beach Society and also reknown  for its monthly beach party.

SoSPA is worth visiting for a spa indulgence in a secluded cocoon of wellness.

Mirror your sense of style by wondering around the resort and live with the iconic SO Sofitel Hua Hin energetic and hyperbole lifestyle. SO Sofitel Hua Hin has a much-photographed allure and many eye-catching spots and corners as though they are dedicated for the best instagrammed snap shots. The design inspiration is drawn from classic contemporary chic with playful spaces scattered throughout the resort for you to enjoy a spacious open plan living  in verve, daring and the breadth of spirit.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 2.5/5
Room Amenities: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Food & Beverages: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 3/5

Design & Decor

115 Moo 7 Tambol Bangkao
Hua Hin, Thailand
Tel: +66 32 709 555

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