Amari Residences Bangkok - A Home-style Living In Bangkok

Whilst Bangkok is offering the top notch medical treatment and technology with professional consultancy and world class service, Bangkok has become one of the destinations that draws tourists and visitors from around the globe for its Health tourism. The Amari Residences offers a home-style living for outpatients and visitors for a home away from home accommodation that best fits to its category. mylifestylenews writes.

Conveniently located beside the new Petchburi Road and adjacent to the Bangkok Hospital at the end of the bustling Thong Lor district, the serene Amari Residences is not only in popular demand for Health Tourism visitors and tourists alike especially from the Middle East, India and others for medical treatments but also offers a family home-style living in a Bangkok suburban neighborhood.

Serene and tranquil, thanks to its strategic location that is tucked away from the bustling city life of Bangkok and nestled off the modern and hippy Thong Lor street for its vibrant restaurants scenes and boutique shopping, the Amari Residences is generously proportioned with modern contemporary design, comfort home-style aesthetic and unrivalled resident’s amenities including an all day dining Soma restaurant, Café The Buttercup that serve fine pastry and coffee, hair and beauty salon, well equipped gym and rooftop swimming pool that are thoughtfully catered for family getaways.

Our post-midnight arrival driving through the narrow alley ways leading to Amari Residences may seem a little petrifying in darkness especially when you are not familiar with the area despite having visited Bangkok many times in the past. But our taxi driver knows his way so well that our worries were unnecessary once the Giant Bangkok Hospital sign is seen within the distance, we knew that we were not far from the Amari Residences after a short 30 minutes ride from the Suvarnabhumi airport without any traffic.

There wasn't much light being switched on after midnight and the foyer was dark and the reception area was also in dim light mood. Our arrival was expected and greeted promptly, with a brief check-in and we were led to our room, passing through the outside corridor that is adjacent to the next building, we vaguely saw the courtyard garden with big lawn in the dark and the staff spoke in low voice: “Our garden is beautiful, you can also see it from your room the next morning after you wake up.”  We nodded with a smile and entered to the building and went straight up to 7th floor to get into our “residence” for the next two nights.

Our 60sqm One bedroom Suite is well-equipped with modern amenities in a city-living contemporary design, featuring spacious living and dining areas and work areas as well as a well-equipped kitchenette.

The room star was the comfortable King side bed with mounted headboard and bedside lamps. The wall was decorated with printed arty graphic motif colors to enhance the life in the room and best complemented the yellow bed cushions as well as the flatly ironed sheet and runner.

Despite the wooden flooring having numerous scratches left by previous residents and needing more dusting and cleaning, the ambience generally gives you the home-stay appeal for immediate comfort. We also like the high back lounge chair set in the corner with a standing lamp that offer an alternative sitting options for reading and relaxing.

The next morning when we opened the curtain next to our bed, the first glimpse upon opening the curtains is the lush lawn courtyard garden that truly has a calming effect with its serenity and tranquility. The staff was right about the garden, as it is indeed one of the unique selling points especially for their Health Tourism in-stay guests and to embrace the restorative power of Amari Residences Bangkok. Looking up across the building lays the infinity roof top swimming pool. Red umbrellas open up on a straight line with sundecks for a sun-shiny day to relax.

We headed down for breakfast in Soma Restaurant that is set among the beautifully designed courtyard gardens that offers an intimate atmosphere. It allows us to have a closer look at this “Le Jardine Secret” that combine bliss with isolation while enjoying our quite morning breakfast.

Breakfast is generally good here with enough selection of international and local varieties, not forgetting also some Arabic breakfast selection to cater for their market essentials. Lebanese and Arabic food promotional posters and leaflets are also seen around the public areas in pursuit of catering to this majority group of clientele.

Space is the main key here in Amari Residences and it is the home stay atmosphere that reigns in this hidden oasis in the bustling Bangkok metropolis. With no schedule except your own to adhere to, the stay in Amari Residences can be taken at total leisure.

We had a browse at the family lounge on the ground level after breakfast that was decorated in a homey yet cozy and relaxing vibe for guests and family get-togethers. Almost all beige color tones are used to give a warm and welcoming interior.

We headed to the rooftop swimming pool for further relaxation. The gym right next to it can be accessed by your room key card for security reasons. With a few small steps walking up to the wooden sun deck aligned with opened-red umbrellas and enough sun lounges and three little pavilions comes with daybed for chilling and to unwind.

The sun is rather strong here without any shaded plants or trees for protection, wearing enough sunscreen lotion to protect your body and mind here is indispensable. Time flies quickly especially when you are having a good time on such a fine day to set free and away from the daily hurry of life yet to be able to enjoy urban Bangkok in full color with an undisturbed pace to rejuvenate and heel your soul at once. After all, life is about living it!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Room Amenities: 3/5
Food & Beverages: 3.5/5
Housekeeping: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Courtyard Garden

36 Soi Soonvijai,
New Petchburi Road Bangkapi
Huay Kwang, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 308 5900

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