MB&F Announces Certified Pre-Owned

For some time now, MB&F has experienced increasing demand for MB&F Machines that are no longer available on the market. Therefore, they decided to open the MB&F Certified Pre-Owned Chapter: a dedicated section of our website where clients will find exceptional second-hand MB&F timepieces that are virtually impossible to find. The section went live recently, with a carefully curated selection of limited edition pieces – and the first pieces have already been sold.  You might wonder why MB&F would endorse the sale of pre-owned pieces – with virtually no profit margin! - rather than focusing on brand new products. The answer is simple: they believe that a strong brand is a brand that has a strong second-hand market. From the beginning, they have supported their pre-owned market like few other independent watchmaking brands have.

Collectors looking for an MB&F Machine that is sold out, at a competitive price, are understandably tempted by the pre-owned market. There are hundreds of pre-owned merchants… but only a handful can be trusted. Is the watch in good condition? Is it covered by a trustworthy warranty? Worse still, was the piece stolen? With an MB&F Certified Pre-Owned timepiece, collectors get the following: - A complete service and case refurbishment conducted by their own watchmakers, at their workshop in Geneva. Reassurance that the piece is 100% legit and in perfect working condition. - A 2-year unconditional warranty. - Free shipping to anywhere in the world.

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