Roger Vivier AW2018 Hong Kong Mystery Kiss Presentation

 Visionary style icon, Diana Vreeland is the inspiration for this collection. Altogether, Vreeland links between modernity and assertive posture; a combative strength and a feminine dress. With her stylistic talent, she handpicks contrasted materials: we picture her mixing (and matching) a masculine herringbone fabric with a bayadère stripe from the folk-secession era.

In Diana Vreeland’s wake, the sources of inspiration of the Roger Vivier collection clash: the modern energy of the 60s collides with Fortuny’s Venice and its baroque jewelry. Add a touch of richness that ties Andalusian-Arabic and Moroccan influences together. The colour palette also informs an eccentric, orientalist approach. Out of a Derain painting, the collection embraces a bright blue and menthol green. Then come a purple and burnt orange called ‘date’ highlighted by a fading khaki, grey hue, creamy white, black and indigo.

Emblematic, the Choc heel designed by Roger Vivier in 1959 is the red thread of this daywear, feminine collection. Historical rather than timeless, the heel is constantly revisited: a slight break underlines its falsely straight outline. Applied onto a pump, a mule, stretch boots, thigh-high boots or the Beatle, it comes in three different heights: 5, 8.5 and 10 cm.

Elaborate and flamboyant, the Barocco theme makes a grand entrance into the world of Roger Vivier with babouche slippers, mules, thigh high boots and clutches elegantly adorned with rich bejewelled embroidery. Evoking the interplay between dark and light that creates high-contrast effects in baroque art, dazzling brooches handmade using different colours and sizes of stones, pearls, crystals and sequins are stitched with gold thread onto black velvet or satin. While Roger Vivier Barocco creations are as ornate, colourful and captivating as the most exquisite masterpieces of baroque Venice, this season new original interpretation of baroque style draws inspiration from the legacy of two visionary style icons. Famed 20th century American fashion editor Diana Vreeland favoured warm and colourful interiors in a palette of red tones with oriental influences. Fashion muse and jewellery designer Loulou De La Falaise wore exuberant, over-sized jewels that mixed different materials and colours to create her celebrated Parisian look.

A mix of Parisian chic, traditional Moroccan style and baroque elegance, the Bab’ Viv’ is a slipper as luxurious as it is colourful with its over-sized scintillating brooch. A bejewelled creation featuring red coral stone, green cabochon and crystals gives the Choc Real Barocco Mule an unapologetic touch of noblesse. The jewel ornament on the front of the Choc Real Over The Knee Boot, positioned just under the knee, shines with splendour against the dark velvet. The application of Passementerie or trimming adds richness to all Barocco footwear, with red braiding accentuating the shape of each design. Roger Vivier bags also get the lavish Barocco treatment. The luxurious and colourful brooches make their appearance on both the Soft Clutch as a trio of ornaments, and on the hard-shelled Boite de Nuit with its signature crystal sphere closure. Night companion to the Vivier woman, the Cigarette Case is adorned with the baroque jewel and embellished with the RV signature composed of 66 small crystals, each one delicately applied by hand. With artistry, Roger Vivier pays homage to the ornateness and magnificence of baroque, and its influence on style, unleashing the dazzling and intense decorative power of colourful stones, dazzling crystals and pearls on its creations.

Relaxed and ready for the adventures of the day ahead with one of the season’s ultimate style accessories. Rather than opting for her clutch or handbag, the Vivier woman now has another option in her new trendy Belty Viv’. A reference to 1990s style when these belt-bags ruled supreme, the fanny pack makes a glamorous elegant comeback in black or cream calfskin embellished with the iconic Roger Vivier strass buckle. The sparkling crystals on the rounded rectangle buckle give this casual companion its dazzling Vivier allure. Designed to be worn around the waist like a belt or draped across the chest with its adjustable strap finished with a metal closure, Belty Viv’ is as functional as it is stylish. Ideal travel companion for keeping personal possession in full sight or sporty alternative to a handbag to keep hands free for shopping expeditions or nights out on the town, the design is always effortlessly chic. Closed by a large zip, the Belty Viv’ also features a practical zipped pocket so phone, wallet or cards are within easy reach. The fabric lining on the inside of the fanny bag enhances its lightweight appeal. In addition to the monochromatic versions in black and cream calfskin, Belty Viv’ makes a statement in other seasonal variations. A mini check pattern delivers a twisted masculine/feminine look, while the striped velvet version in pink is a soft and ultra-feminine option, both to look at and to the touch.

In a brilliant combination, black lace-up boots are decorated with a shimmering crystal buckle. This strong pairing sees boots as the best companion of everyday walk, embellished with unapologetic glamour and black durable leather contrasting with the dazzling exuberance of an iconic signature strass buckle. From rock to punk, from hippie to today’s street style, the black lace-up boot has endured through the decades. Inspired by the 1960s and 1990s, the Viv’ Rangers features a light leather sole, a velvet ribbon and the RV signature on a fabric tongue on the back of the boot. Versatile, young and effortlessly cool, the boot can create many looks - a cool complement to faded jeans, a long flowing dress or a pair of mini shorts. The retro fashion statement comes in different variations: the classic black shiny calfskin leather, a combination of black calfskin and suede leather, a softer style in black suede with black velvet laces, and an original version in smocking satin in black and indigo with satin laces. With her Viv’ Rangers on her feet, the Vivier woman marches through life with pride and confidence. Every step of the way, her boots are chic and empowering.

A bag with unmistakable 1980s flair, the Club Chain Bag is the Roger Vivier woman’s new glamorous companion. With its rectangular pouch shape and gold chain, the bag swings elegantly from her shoulder, following her every move. A bold statement in red or black suede or a provocative variation in leopard print, the feminine creation features a signature Roger Vivier buckle made of a multitude of fine gold chains bunched together by gold clasps; a baroque twist that adds a touch of exuberant charisma to the design. The irresistible bouquet of chains cascade down from the jewel buckle with unrestrained allure, catching the light with the swinging movement of the bag. More than just a design detail, the chain is a functional feature that allows the bag to be worn two different ways – as a fun and playful bag worn across the body with a single long chain or as a sophisticated shoulder bag with a double chain. The retro sophistication on the outside hides two practical compartments on the inside. With her special companion signed “RV” in gold against the suede, her life is a chain reaction of events, experiences and memorable moments. Whether she’s running around town, freeing herself to carry bags or hail a taxi, dancing to her favorite beats, or making an unforgettable entrance to a cocktail party, she does it with her Club Chain Bag. Unchained, she is free to roam on her own terms, with her own distinctive style, everywhere she goes.

A little folk yet always modern, ornamental trimmings turn Roger Vivier pieces into elaborate creations inspired by orientalism and 80s spirit.  The fine art of “passementerie”, the application by hand of tassels, braids and other luxurious trimmings accentuates the form of Roger Vivier’s most iconic designs. Woven braids applied to the outline of a shoe highlight its irresistible and sensual curves, while tassels add a playful twist to sandals and bags. The iconic Choc heel created in the 50s by Roger Vivier is reimagined this season as a bold and modern shoe with the introduction of two different heel heights this season. The structural form of the Choc Real Passementerie Pump is emphasized with twisted gold piping, creating a sophisticated contrast with the black velvet. A style statement that will never go unnoticed, the Choc Real Passementerie Boot 50 in vibrant red suede and the Choc Real Passementerie Over the Knee Boot in purple suede are enhanced around the front of the foot and on the heel with tone-on-tone piping, subtly intensifying the shape of the boots and their vibrant 80s colour palette. Sensually wrapped around the Vivier woman’s ankle, braids in green thread give the Sin Sandal its feminine flair while remaining supremely luxurious with a pairing of tassels flowing from the braiding. Part 80S, part Oriental, braiding and sumptuous tassels create endless, stylish effects.

With its signature trapeze shape and compact size, the latest addition to the Viv’ line is an ode to feminine sartorial sophistication. The distinctive form of the Viv’ Cabas Flower Strass bag makes it a versatile companion for any look, from understated casual chic to supreme evening elegance. With baroque flair, a bejewelled buckle stands out against the dark suede to make the Viv’ Cabas a bag to turn heads wherever the Vivier woman goes. In a play of bold and daring contrasts, the rectangular bouquet of blooming crystal flowers shimmers unapologetically with every one of her moves.  Stylishly paired with a little black dress, the Viv’ Cabas Flower Strass channels any sophisticated look: worn in the crook of the arm or loosely strapped over the shoulder with the addition of an adjustable removable strap, it injects Roger Vivier glamour.  More than a charming complement, the bag features an external zipped pocket and an internal flat pocket for practical storage. Four protected feet feature the RV logo so the bag can be perfectly balanced upright wherever it is placed. Daringly different with a touch of dazzling extravagance, the new variation on the unmistakable trapeze design is the epitome of Roger Vivier Parisian chic - a bag that seamlessly evolves from classically understated to audaciously alluring depending on her mood and how she chooses to wear it.

First theme. Slightly masculine, the 60s roll in: monochromatic boots, graphic silhouettes and new-age classics define the MODS theme with an unblushing allure. In the aftermath of the war, Roger Vivier’s 60s era was combative; which led to the first punk movements. Here, a pair of Combat boots welcomes a velvet ribbon or a crystal buckle. A boot with a podium heel, the Botox comes with a rectangular buckle that appears to be lined under the skin and flirts with the surface of the leather. Second themeMOROCCO is based on an Andalusian-Arabic theme, inside which ornamental trimmings are implicitly present. A little folk, always modern, ornamental trimmings define a spirit: orientalist and bohemian, threads create countless effects on thigh-high boot intricately embroidered with gold. In the same spirit, the Club Chain handbag comes with an inspiring, threaded buckle, which calls for a pompom effect.

Altogether precious, the BAROCCO theme is embellished with jeweled brooches (coral stone, green cabochon and crystal sparkles): embroidered on a babouche-slipper or a mule, they adorn a thigh-high boot, just below the knee. Here a clutch is completely embroidered over; there, a Cigarette Box is richly decorated. Third theme. One of Maison Roger Vivier’s classics, the animal print comes back under the name of WILD KISS: diverted and reassembled, the outline of lips composes a wild effect. Applied onto a grey herringbone fabric, they galvanize a pump with a Choc heel or a varnished detail on the side of a boot. They run freely on a Baluchon handbag in Pony leather, and give the Beatle an elegant edge. Fourth theme. NIGHT calls in, surrounded by crystal: a pair of sandals are embroidered with crystals. An ultra-feminine velvet-knot sandal with a cigarette heel called Sin also suggests eveningwear. Glittering on its end, the stiletto recalls the Marlene heel, also glittering with its unique faceted sphere. Being a symbol of femininity, freshness and joie de vivre, flower strass blooming on the velvet fabric or leather adds a touch of glamorous delicacy for all sorts of styles from day to night.

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