CHAUMET Presents Écritures de Chaumet

 A new watch collection where each exceptional dial is a tribute to a specific Métier d’Art, which illustrates Chaumet’s link with art, and with Impressionism in particular. “Écritures” means “writing” and “style” in French - Écritures de Chaumet devotes the craftsmanship of Chaumet to the art, with modernity.

These watches reinterpret classical artwork in a very innovative way, close to our vibrant interpretation of nature, opening a new chapter of our Maison’s watch collection.

Traditional stone setting, guillochéd backgrounds, ornamental stone marquetry, Grand Feu enameling, engraving, mother-of-pearl, miniature painting… many are the crafts that contribute to the creation of an exceptional watch dial.

In its new collection, Écritures de Chaumet captures the essence of works by Manet, Renoir, Monet, Caillebotte, Redon and Van Gogh, on its watch dials. As if captured by a zoom, it evokes the artists’ ode to light and to the arts.

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