Hermès Presents A Walk In The Garden

 A Walk in the Garden tells the story of an English garden, of a place where flowers and forms flourish. A place where colours engage in informal dialogue, as familiar friends. The artist Nigel Peake has let his pencil glide from shrub to pathway.

A freehand stroke running under the glaze. The palette is made up of four subtle, almost primary hues: bright orange, leaf green, buttercup and Prussian blue. “The garden is a place where shapes and colours grow. A place to let the imagination run free: beautiful, in its studied disorder,” explains this partner to the house of Hermès.

A Walk in the Garden, with designs that converge and intersect, leads from structured effects to supple compositions. Twigs, leaves and grasses shoot up through latticed,
chequered and herringbone motifs. Skilful planning underlies an air of spontaneity; that this is an English garden is without doubt.

Emphasised each time by a band of light, a natural harmony occurs between organic freedom and graphic structure in the twenty pieces with as many different patterns. A single piece of porcelain focuses the eye, the better to free the mind to wander. With the entire service, everything springs to life in one and the same movement:
a garden on the table.

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