Hermès Presents New Carré Cuir Watch

There is something almost magical about the resolutely singular design of this model, in which Hermès weaves a unique spell with leather and a square. The strap becomes a dial and the dial morphs into a strap. The hands appear to be floating, perceptions are blurred. And yet the key to the mystery can be summed up in simple terms: leather in a square! A square frame in steel, polished or set with diamonds and crafted in the watchmaking workshops of the Maison, imbues this watch with its innate sophistication. This shape is a daring choice within the watch industry and a firm favourite at Hermès. The deep blue strap and dial in lizard are meticulously aligned so as to form an apparently seamless whole. The strap is in fact secured by lugs cleverly designed to ensure it clings to the case, a process requiring meticulous and lengthy adjustment in order to create the desired illusion.

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