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Hung Hom may not be the preferred choice of location especially when choosing a hotel in Hong Kong especially for a first-time visitor. Yet, if you have known Hong Kong at your finger tip, location is not a big issue, thanks to its well connected infrastructure and the efficient means of public transport. The newly opened Kerry Hotel offers a new urban resort concept living in the less travelled vibrant waterfront neighborhood in Kowloon may change your mind when deciding on your choice of hotel. mylifestylenews writes.

Our flight arrived in Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong international airport without any delay and the hotel’s representative was easily spotted at the arrival hall with the hotel sign holding on her hand. Promptly greeted and we were led to the car park at the other end section of the airport to meet our driver who was waiting patiently in the brand new BMW.

A forty minutes smooth drive with some Hong Kong latest current affairs and local news updated by our post 90’s born driver while approaching the Hung Hom district where there is mostly the neighborhood residential, shops, local eateries, markets that add luster to the area.

We arrived at the heart of Hung Hom Bay where a brand new modern and sharp looking building was emerging into our views from the car window that definitely stands out from the residential neighborhood adjacent to one of the Hong Kong-China bus terminals and the Hung Hom ferry terminal which stopped operating a couple of years back. A quick sharp turn from the main street and driving up to a slope took us right to the hotel entrance and one of the front desk staff was assigned and had been awaiting our arrival.

Bright marbled floors exude the luxury comfort with ceiling high glass windows looking out at the Victoria Harbor accompanied by round pillars in the wide and roomy lobby lounge and with a spiral stair case at the other end of the foyer leading to the upper floors ballroom.

Loud music is heard, coming from Dockyard - a new food hall dining concept with live band performance set right on the harbor front brings together an array of quick-service Asian-style eateries with a full service bar.

The hotel lobby lounge.

Check-in was done in our Club Premier seaview room with a large King size bed facing the harbor front with modern contemporary interiors. We couldn’t see much of the view as our arrival was in the evening plus the locale in Hung Hom, you won’t get the exact “postcard” view of the infamous Hong Kong Victoria Harbour view but from a different perspective and distance.

The bedside table lamps don't really sync well with one design that is differ from the other. Golden shaded polish wallpaper above the bed is also not giving a well balanced contrast by playing a minimalistic modernity and old style coffee table glass top perplexing the modern contemporary furniture used, not to say both the coffee tables and furniture are clumsy. It also doesn’t really harmonize the entire ambience and interior with the entire mood in the room, a confused emotion and can’t say it is stylish at all.

A daily refurbished complimentary mini bar (except the beers are only provided once per stay) is offered with some chips and snacks. Don’t get too intimidated that the safe deposit box is visible and installed on an open shelf atop the mini bar and coffee and tea making facilities. The bathroom is expansive especially the standing shower can easily accommodate a mini soccer team. His & Her marble top vanity and oversize mirror brighten up the entire bathroom. In such space they have to design for a more than average size bathroom, the bath tub that glued to the wall was rather a letdown in its design and small in size.

The Club lounge is pretty well spaced out, allowing you to pick your own favorite spots and encourage privacy at those corner seats that are facing directly with the harbor front and to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset.

A well-chosen selection of beverages during the evening cocktail hours as well as the almost full spread mini buffet that is offering good hor d'oeuvres and cheese, not forgetting some well prepared warm cook dishes that would keep you staying longer in the club lounge to enjoy the benefits by gazing at the harbor view and watching the world go by. Breakfast selection is also well organized with a separate menu to order your favorite delights without any limit.

A habour front view looking out from the Club Lounge through Red Sugar outdoor garden Sky Bar.

HungTong offers one of the authentic Cantonese cuisine on the 7th floor with an extension of the Red Sugar that stretches out with an outdoor sky garden right on the elevated harbour front and now becoming a hot spot hang out for the young, trendy locals and business travelers alike.

Red Sugar indoor interior

One level below housed the infinity swimming pool with a gigantic area with plush bean bags scattered around for you to soak up the sun. No one would leave the swimming pool without snapping the best shot for their instagram post as it is rather rare to have an outdoor harbor front infinity swimming pool in the claustrophobic Hong Kong. Despite a family with kids may disrupt your quiescent contemplation by the pool, yet a morning swim before breakfast could gain you the entire pool by yourself with complete peace.

Our room with the view of the harbour front infinity swimming pool.

Big Bay Café is enormous, serving down-to-earth neighborhood dining and takes you on a journey through a matrix of pavilions serving unique, handcrafted temptations. Each of these pavilions offers steam, grill, chill, fry, stew, dessert land and The Nook that offers a new culinary experience with a live cooking station.

Peak hours can be like a zoo yet well organized by the service team, waiting to get a table especially closer to the pavilions or by the window could be a challenge as everyone will be fighting to get the tables with the unobstructed harbour views.

We recommend the Dim Sum and stir fried sections as well as the noodle section with quite a substantial amount of local and authentic selection to start your day with a authentic breakfast treat.

Service worth mentioning here especially the Club lounge staff and Big Bay Café, prompt, courteous and efficient which is quite rare in Hong Kong these days as one has come to expect a genuine service and hospitality professionally executed, thanks to its current unsatisfying financial climate, it seems to be making everyone showing more annoyance on their supposed happy face, but thankfully not in this hotel.

Woven into the Kerry Hotel Hong Kong urban lifestyle is an amicable and especially good level of service providing whatever and whenever. With pride of place on Kowloon’s vibrant waterfront and in the heart of Hung Hom Bay, here you have a relatively new hotel that can provide you with a taste of its most likable culinary expertise, so when you look for a hotel where urban lifestyle meets innovation, your next staycation would be worry free.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Housekeeping: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

38 Hung Luen Road,
Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2252 5888

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