Dusit Thani Bangkok - An Icon Made Everlasting Memories

Going through more than four decades and excelling in the art of Thai Hospitality, the Le  Grande Dame Dusit Thani Bangkok will be coming to a temporary end  on 5th January 2019 and to start a new chapter in the property’s longstanding legacy that has definitely made a genuine claim to number among the oldest hotels in Thailand. mylifestylenews writes.

In 1969, Dusit Thani stood out in Bangkok’s skyline with its signature golden spire seemingly reaching the heaven and became the talk of the town and the new landmark for being the tallest and most unconventional architectural building at that time. The hotel was officially opened on 27 February 1970 and marked a new landmark for the capital, with the hotel pioneering five-star hospitality inspired by authentic Thai values and ushered in a new era of tourism for the city, revolutionizing dining, entertainment and even the way people organized wedding receptions in the process. 

Over 48th years of celebrating the vintage vitality, Dusit Thani Bangkok is no doubt a pictorial essay of Thai hospitality that has come to signify the modernity of Thailand while preserving traditional Thai charm and hospitality. The success of Dusit Thai shows the commitment of the founder – Madame Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui - who always believed in Thailand’s potential to become one of the world’s most successful tourist destinations by fostering the growth thoughts for distinctive hotels. Her unwavering goal to build a Thai hotel of international distinction and to promote the majesty of Thai culture that exists in harmony with the modern world has proven her right.

Madame Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui

With the adaptation of the best practices from American and European hotels while embracing local customs as its core, her passion, can-do attitude and determination infused the hotel with a soul all of its own and brought her the success being recognized in  the international level. The virtue and beauty of Thainess has its finest example in Dusit Thani Hotel. For 48 years, Dusit Thani has been a place of many good memories and graced by royal visits by Their late Majestic King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit, the Princess as well as members of the Royal Family as well as numerous worldwide leaders and international A-list celebrities and VIPs.

The name “Dusit Thani” is simple classically Thai, corresponds to “Dusit” as the fourth tier of paradise in Thai beliefs.  It is also the name of a miniature city founded in Phayathai Palace by King Rama VI in 1918. The land on which the hotel stands was once given by King Rama V to Chao Phraya Yomarat.

Saladaeng intersection today is a jumble of urban infrastructure. Dusit Thani Bangkok is ideally located in the heart of the “City of Angels” and stands at the corner of Silom and Rama IV roads, the majestic and eye-catching high-rise, modern edifice has been (still is) a landmark of Thailand for a long period with the roof finished with a cone resembling a pagoda.

The Lobby Lounge on the opening day.

It sits opposite historic Lumpini Park with its broad boulevards and expanse of lakes. Sixty some years ago, Bangkok was a city where people commuted by boat, tram and rickshaw as well as a few bus routes. And now especially in this area, the hotel is now easily accessed by many other modes of transport and adjacent to both sky train (BTS) and subway (MRT) systems within easy proximity to major business, shopping and entertainment centres.

The male staff at the entrance of the hotel still wear the vintage military costumes and their female counterparts in traditional outfits. It is the epitome of the beauty of Thai culture with the Thai greeting of wai - a hallmark of Thai manners and etiquette as an expression of gratitude. The employees are trained to uphold the Thai manner and do the wai properly, from standing, sitting, receiving and handing things, to speaking respectfully and politely when interacting with guests with a service-minded, willing to serve and help as well as to look cheerful and smile at all times attitude.

The Dusit Thai Hotel building has the shape of a triangle with a top part sliced off. Each guestroom has a balcony overlooking Bangkok skyline and the Thai elements in the rooms weren’t the traditional style, but a modernized version that responded to the taste of the time with deluxe Thainess.

The exterior of the Dusit Thani Hotel building (the lower lobby entrance especially) was decorated with Thai-style arches resembling lotus petals, rising from the floor to the upper lobby.  They also resemble the arches seen at the Marble Temple in the old quarters, in all a majestic amalgamation of styles and decorated with pieces of mosaic in shimmering gold and deep greens, intricately patterned to highlight the Thai aesthetic.

This Thai motif is made of gold mosaic and the green shade was then a very rare technique of fine art and the charming beauty stands the test of till now.

The spacious luxury lobby is properly one of the largest lobbies in Bangkok punctuated by large round columns supporting the ceiling shaped like lotus leaves. Due to technological limitation at that time, there were a large number of columns in the lobby – some square and others round and each column looked beautiful with Thai decoration.

The swimming pool was also beautifully planned to offer a pleasing and discreet visual layout and was built with a slightly raised level so that, viewed from the lobby, guests would only see a waterfall garden though in fact it was a swimming pool.

The careful design of the garden emphasized privacy and yet remained visually stunning and welcoming. Madame Thanpuying Chanut was involved in every step of the design and also planted some of the palm trees herself – many of them still there in the hotel lobby.

The majestic waterfall was decorated with multiple tropical plants, which were carefully maintained throughout 48 years and some of which will be kept and replant when the brand new Dusit Thani Bangkok is re-opened.

Check out the timeless masterpieces of magnificent columns and mural paintings of The Benjarong restaurant which was then called Sukhothai. The hotel consulted experts in Thai design to render the motif and have been kept intact that stands for the rest of time.

Thien Duong – the very few authentic Vietnamese restaurants with table service is a rare find in Bangkok.

By celebrating the history and longevity of this legendary property before its official closing on 5th January 2019 (with final check-out at 2pm on that date) for a complete rebuilding of the brand new iconic Dusit Thani Bangkok, the hotel now is offering a special room package ahead of its next chapter for an experience to stay from now until December 20, 2018. The Celebrity Experience follows in the footsteps of award-winning artists, Hollywood movie stars, and distinguished royal guests, and to experience the regal splendor of the Thai Heritage Suites.

Designed to reflect the ancient cities of Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Lanna and Sukhothai, and elegantly furnished with an abundance of teakwood and silk, the Thai Heritage Suites are the epitome of luxury. The package includes a two night stay with in-room breakfast, a 60-minutes traditional Thai massage for two persons at Devarana Spa, a set dinner at Benjarong, Thien Duong or Mayflower and Dusit Club benefits including all-day refreshments, evening cocktails and canapés. Rate starting from THB 9,900++ per night. (Regular price at THB 13,900++ per night) continues to delight domestic and international visitors with its gracious hospitality inspired by authentic Thai values which is the hallmark of the Dusit brand.

With the signature architecture and unfailing attention to decorative details offering a unique experience, the staff of Dusit Thani also have every right to be proud and being a part of the past and the growth of the property. With its new hotel in the plan to create a new city landmark that boosts the area’s appeal, enhances existing infrastructure, creates new opportunities for local businesses, celebrates Thai culture, and elevates the brand’s standing internationally yet to embrace the heritage and continue the legacy in a new building.

For the hotel has certainly lived up to its name, Dusit Thani, or Town in Heaven, by providing unrivalled comfort and exceptional experiences in one impressive package and not forgetting its uniquely elevated gracious Thai hospitality to be continued in the new exciting chapters and developments to come. The old school appeal certainly works especially with a devotion to professionalism by passing on the invaluable know-how from a Thai’s noble traditions with an understated, elegant aesthetic.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

946, Rama IV Road,
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2200 9000

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