VALENTINO SS2017 Women Collection

 VALENTINO SS2017 Women Collection is a new beginning demands a certain forgetfulness. In order to rewrite history one should forget about it and retain the essence, moving quickly and irreverently to explore the pleasures of metamorphosis.


Actions should be quick, guided by taste that edits, chooses, combines, unites: elongating, narrowing, keeping time as a value on the surface of things; stripping away of the superfluous to add intensity.

Eras should be crossed in an accelerated supercut, drawing an imaginary line that brings Hieronymus Bosch, the visionary inventor of fantastic heavens and hells, close to Zandra Rhodes, who has been invited to reinterpret the artist’s imagery with her pure and innocent lines.

By becoming forgetful, signs of a subversive and individual grace can be found dispersed in history: The Garden of Earthly Delights, the miniatures of the Middle Ages and the colors of the Renaissance, the Musician’s Hell and Paradise Lost.

Punk: a way of thinking that accepts and accentuates contrasts and imperfections instead of erasing them. The graceful poetry of color, even when it becomes acid and pungent.

The quest for the precious, without the preciousness.The end of the journey coincides with the start. It is women, represented in the plural: as individuals, not characters. A punk idea of humanism.

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