Thom Browne SS2017 Men Collection

Thom Browne SS2017 Men Collection

Silhouettes were all comprised of trompe l’oeil wetsuits made up of classic 3 button jackets and back strap trousers.

Sack jackets and trousers, high armhole jackets and skinny trousers, bal collar overcoats, Chesterfield overcoats, and Sack overcoats that were layered and joined at the back with a wetsuit zipper.

There were also cricket seamed trompe l’oeil jackets and vests or overcoats, jackets and vests as well as all-in-one wetsuits with trompe l’oeil overcoat and suiting.

 The fabrics used including summer weight suiting such as Fresco wool, wool mohair, light weight cashmere, linen, cotton seersucker, cotton pique, cotton twill and denim.

Hopsack tweeds, painted cotton canvas, and silk duchess in various pastel colors as well as grey, black and white.

Some of the fabrics were embroidered with intricate ocean themed embroideries such as sun, waves, sharks, surfboards, and hibiscus flowers. Outerwear included fabrics such as Mackintosh, nylon slicker, and embroidered filtration mesh.

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