GUCCI SS2017 Men Collection

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.  - T. S. Eliot.

To make a journey means to be digging into the landscape. The traveller is, in fact, able to go deep down “as an archaeologist through different layers of reality, to read even the hidden signs under other signs, to collect as many existences and stories as possible, and save them from the flow of time and from the erasing wave of oblivion” - C. Magris. 

It is a meticulous and humble work of discovery: a process of knowledge in which it is possible to collect fragments of reality as well as possibilities set aside, banned or removed. 

The clothes of the Men’s SS2017 collection are the reflection of this travelling. They keep traces of otherness; echoes of spaces, crossed or imagined; temporalities, plural and thickened.

Each suit is a kaleidoscope of signs poetically reassembled to create new meanings. The travel, in fact, can untie the knots of the soul; can harbour wonder and magic; can put a spell back on existence.

It’s like falling in love, when the world suddenly unfolds as something new. To make a journey implies separating, leaving, becoming, moving. It’s an unexpected encounter. Open-mindedness and possibility.

But, above all, is a return. In Heinrich von Ofterdingen (Novalis), the wayfarers were asked: “Where are you going?”.

And the unequivocal answer was: “Always homeward”. In this sense “the sense of home that everybody, in nostalgia, believes to see in childhood, is instead at the end of the journey.

The latter is circular; it starts from home, goes through the world and comes back home, even though it is a very different home, because it gained meaning thanks to the departure, the original split” - C. Magris.

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