Christofle Summer Staycation

Starting with a lovely outdoor meal and feel the warm sun on your skin. Set your table with the Albi silverware inspired by a French town located between Toulouse and Bordeaux and its famous cathedral known for its remarkable architecture. The gentle curves define the pattern that never goes out of style, making it a versatile choice for all kinds of table setting. Indulge yourselves in the ultimate luxury experience with the Malmaison collection featuring symmetrical design of palm and lotus leaves. The name is a nod to the Chateau de la Malmaison, a favourite Parisian residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine.

Kick back and spend some time with your family under the cool shading of a tree. Serve them some ice tea and snacks using the Silver Time collection.Designed by renowned designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the clean lines and modern design of Silver Time dovetails neatly with the brand’s other prestigious collaborations with design personalities. Feast your eyes and your appetite on some colourful sweets and desserts. Add a dash of delightful colours to your afternoon tea party with the newly launched Graphik coloured crystals.The beauty of a mouth-blown and fully hand cut design is the signature of this contemporary collection.

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