Wolford Shape & Control Legwear

Being the specialist for Shape & Control legwear, Wolford offers the widest selection of supporting legwear with additional shaping functions for different areas of the body in threes different strengths.

The outstanding variety also covers the largest range of deniers from to 100, with 16 styles in total.

Wolford's Shape & Control legwear styles boats circulation while sitting of standing for a long time and thus keep the legs feeling light, strong and beautiful. It has never been so easy to make the right decisioi in terms of health, beauty and quality at the same time.

The latest series includes <Second Nature>, <Pure Comfort>, <Capsule Collection>, <Effortless Sophistication> as well as the world's first functional design <Pure Comfort - Comfort Cut Tights> with the waist belt inside shows four small indications to cut and adjust to the right fit with greater flexibility and ultimate comfort.

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