Mykita + Maison Margiela 2016 Campaign

 Elaborate high-fashion styles, pure and radical silhouettes and the raw aesthetic of classic forms with an unfinished surface come together in the 2016 MYKITA + Maison Margiela campaign. Each pair reflects a strong, modern statement. Featured in the 2016 campaign is the new MMTRANSFER003 model. The explicitly round shape bears the irregular texture and mineral vein pattern of natural stone, which has been etched and meticulously lacquered by hand on to the stainless steel frame. Flat lenses add to the avant-garde aesthetic of this high-fashion eyewear.

Maison Margiela is a French fashion house founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Both masculine and feminine, oftentimes fusing the two genders, the brand’s universe can be described as conceptual and enigmatic, mysterious and iconoclast. Today, the House is recognized internationally for its unique approach to modern elegance. Since 2014, the Maison thrives under the guidance of Creative Director Mr. John Galliano. He reveals a new aesthetic, marrying his own poetic vision with the codes of the house of Margiela. MYKITA is a modern manufactory that combines precision craftsmanship with new technologies. A constant search for innovation and the visionary use of materials are the defining elements behind the collections. The holistic business philosophy brings together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof: the MYKITA Haus located in Berlin. Here, all frames are handmade.

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