ETRO “The Circle of Poets”

 ETRO hosts an global art event <The Circle of Poets> - A sense of belonging in contemporary Milan, Poetic gatherings, with ideas planted like trees, growing across every boundary. The curve of a line creates a circles, a centre, a new concept that has no beginning and no end. every human is a circle, embodying humanity itself within. thoughts resonate in unison from the centre to its circumference. The world within the circle spreads to meet other circles. Now close your eyes and tell us what you can see.

 ETRO has assembled the finest exemplary leaders in the fields of art and design to use modes of poetic expression to convey their deepest understanding of the poetry of life, art and dreams in order to create art pieces which will touch the hearts of people from around the world and reach out to them summoning different varieties of artistic works.

Using “The Circle of Poets” as a platform, exchange and integration of art and culture will no doubt be accelerated.

Art is no longer merely just some form of reference material for ETRO, but instead transforms to become part of the brand itself - which becomes the perfect manifestation of the maxim “Devotion to love, devotion to beauty”.  ETRO “The Circle of Poets” flawlessly explains this inseparable relationship.

Romantic poets, young prodigies and free souls are essential components to this society of sharing and spreading beauty.  Here, they will chance upon unexpected encounters, communicate and exchange ideas. They will create matters of worth and simultaneously give rise to limitless possibilities.

This is the open platform between Milan’s local poets and ETRO’s specially invited artists. An innovative stage surrounding the ways in which understanding can be deepened through an original mode of expression. It is also where an investigation on the value of life will be conducted, advocating for the acceptance of new burgeoning elements whilst retaining long established traditions.

ETRO will use 11 perspectives, 11 rules and 11 beliefs to construct this platform, “The Circle of Poets”, as echoed by the 11 dazzling, moving and poignant chiseled faces of a precious gemstone. It is a rare and extraordinary match made in heaven providing the ideal circumstances to begin the shaping of a legend. The platform will grow incessantly, giving a helping hand to promoting the free exchange of creativity and ideas within all four corners of the earth. Are you a poet?

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