Designed in 2012 and then revisited in 2015, the Cabas YSL is the House’s most iconic cabas-style bag featuring the famous Monogram. In 2015, the “Downtown Cabas YSL” version was created: the classic Saint Laurent Cabas but with added volume, making it even better suited to the demands of daily life. The shape and functionality that make it one of the fashion house’s classic pieces remain unchanged, but its sides open out for even more space and an “undone” Saint Laurent look. 

The original version remains a classic of the fashion house, and this season it is once again available in several versions and in the Saint Laurent colour ranges. The suppleness and excellent quality of the leathers needed to produce this bag make it the essential cross-body cabas.

Adorned with a YSL logo, fully closable with a metal zip, and with a functional interior, the Cabas YSL comes in two sizes, Small and Baby. The bag’s decorative finishes are available in gold, silver or matte black, depending on the different materials.

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