Giorgio Armani SS2016 Masculine Lightness Men Collection

Giorgio Armani SS2016 Masculine Lightness Men Collection clearly and concisely expresses a mindset that focuses on individuality and the creation of a self-sufficient style that doesn't take notice of trends.

Reflection on this vision, which emphasises consistency and, at the same time, a keen ability to change, has inspired the new Giorgio Armani collection, which is imbued with a sense of calm, a relaxed and understated elegance that leads to soft, almost fluid silhouettes.

Here is a form of delicacy that goes against the aggressive, ostentatious displays we commonly see today. The result is a fine array of tailored garments featuring accurate craftsmanship and possessing a cosmopolitan, confident spirit: a sophisticated medley of signs, patterns and textures that comes to life with a new and vibrant colour palette. Shades of nude, faded dusty blue and mellow grey give way to hints of mauve, which flows into harmonious blends of lavender in washed silk, rhythmically alternating with ink blue.

As in all Giorgio Armani fashion collections, fabrics are key. The result of extensive research, the collection alternates clean, silky surfaces with checked wool fabrics with a classic British feel, reinterpreted with special finishes to give them a mottled, relaxed look and a contemporary flair.

A highlight of the look is the range of accessories made using complicated artisan techniques that uphold the traditional expertise of ‘Made in Italy’, combined with modern design.

Signature fashion expresses the mindset of a free spirit that rejects all fake rules set by a media consensus. The mindset of Giorgio Armani.

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