GRAHAM x ALEX FONG Present The 15th Anniversary Chronofighter Vintage

15 years ago, Graham introduced the iconic Chronofighter, with its signature trigger mechanism on the left side, guaranteeing the most intuitive and fastest use of the chronograph functions. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this trend-setting product, GRAHAM invited Hong Kong singer and actor Alex Fong, to share his insights and thoughts after his very own journey of 15 years on stage and on screen. It is well-known that Alex first earned fame as a professional swimmer before breaking into showbiz. Still holding today several Hong Kong swimming records, he has always been a darling of the cameras, either in the pool or on stage. Alex started his career 15 years ago in 2001 with the release of his debut album entitled Alex Fong. Little did he know that this was just the start of a fantastic career, a 15-year journey which saw him morph from a boyish athlete into a charming, sophisticated man, rich with experience. “The 15 years I have spent in showbiz have gone by so fast that it felt just like the blink of an eye. I am glad that I haven’t wasted one single second over the past 15 years,” he said. Apart from doing the right thing at the right time, Alex also emphasised the importance to make the best use of time: for him it is to give his best and find passion in work. “You must enjoy your work, and work your hardest for it. This is the only way to gain others’ recognition and respect,” he suggested. To give a conclusion to his past 15 years, Alex remarked, “I feel most comfortable when showcasing my true self. I also believe this is what the audience would like to see me – the real Alex Fong. A strong and unique image will help an artiste leave a memorable impression in people’s minds. The same applies to a watch. While healthy and energetic are my signature characteristics, GRAHAM Chronofighter is iconic for its unique lever design. It is these distinctive attributes that make us unforgettable. This year, both GRAHAM Chronofighter and I are celebrating 15 years. It represents a passage into maturity, yet graced with vitality and strength. It signifies gained experience, burning ambitions and unrelenting passion, both at their prime.

Over 15 years, both Alex and GRAHAM Chronofighter have evolved and become a better version of themselves. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of this exquisite collection, GRAHAM is introducing four models to the collection. The new timepieces retain the vintage chic – the collection’s signature bold trigger on the left-hand side of the 44mm case, which starts and stops the chronograph as well as protecting the crown. The trigger was designed for the air force back in the 40s when the world was at war. The large lever allowed pilots to easily and precisely operate their stopwatch whilst wearing thick protective gloves. Thankfully, the world is a more peaceful place today, yet people’s insistence for accurate timing is unchanged, the lever remains to serve this function. Chronograph is the emblematic Graham timepiece. There are two easily legible counters on the Chronofighter dial, one to track seconds and the other a 30-minute counter. The current hours, minutes and seconds are presented on the main dial with a day-date display at 9 o’clock. Visible through the case back is the reliable G1747 automatic chronograph movement featuring an Incabloc shock absorber and a power reserve of 48 hours.The dials and straps are available in camel, navy blue, brown or black, with further details like water resistance to 10 bar (100 metres), anti-reflective domed sapphire crystals, fine stitching on the leather and fire-red tips on the second hands. GRAHAM Chronofighter is a combination of British classic style and Swiss fine watchmaking, it is Alex Fong’s choice of wristwatch, and also the best companion to any elegant, energetic and sophisitcated man.

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