BALLY SS2016 Men Collection

“No limits” This is the mantra for Bally’s SS2016 men’s collection. No geographical boundaries, no clothing imperatives, no conformity. The Californian beatnik travels effortlessly from the lakes in Switzerland in python-skin hiking boots and a Swiss army inspired backpack to the hills overlooking LA or San Francisco, like a boy scout dandy straight out of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom...

From this culture clash between the old and the new world, appears Bally’s SS2016 mood. The neo-preppy man in his navy blazer with gold buttons easily socialises with an elegant nerd in his corduroy suit reminiscent of Fantastic Mr Fox.

And what if, from the smoking room in his palazzo overlooking Lake Como, the Bally gentleman keeps his cashmere robe over his fly-fishing print pyjamas to go out during the day with his Ascona Lego coloured sneakers? Why not.

The same rule-free attitude permeates a midnight-blue silk velvet tuxedo worn over Björn Borg-esque white sneakers and Californian sunset-tinted iridescent mirrored sunglasses. John Cassavetes or Adrian Brody epitomise this elegant nonchalance, this transatlantic axis.

The vintage patches sewn on to both clothes and luggage originate from vintage Bally packaging in the archives, as a playful wink to the past, as well as to this ultra-versatile wardrobe’s imaginary horizon.

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