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 Politicians are Criminals. Say CRIMINALS. Just keep saying it until it becomes automatic. It will build awareness of the DANGER we’re in. These Criminals cause Climate Change. This means mass extinction of the life forms of our planet – including us.

Soon we won’t be able to stop it. It will happen fast. Politics has been hijacked by criminals. Politicians! Let’s call them Criminals.

On the campaign we will invite the public to identify who are the real politicians. We will respect them and call them Politicians.The Criminals are playing a game together with the Giant Monopolies and the Central Banks. We are the pawns. They refer to us as “the Herd”. We are disposable. They are anti-people and pro-profit.

They are above the law. They change the rules whenever they want. In recent years our Human Rights have been disappearing fast. The mainstream media help them to fool us, e.g. they accept Austerity and pretend it is a way of saving money – so people think yes, they’re saving money, balancing the books. But Austerity is just a way to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich.

The Criminals are now so proud of their criminal status that they show us their hand. I never thought they could be so sure of winning; but now their interest is so completely merged with the Monopolies and Banks. The Bank is set up to win.

 If you don’t know already, please take time to inform yourself on the Internet of the criminal maneuvering regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This would give the Giant Monopolies the right to wreck the planet. None of us would be able to stand in their way. Our freedom would be gone.

Roulette Wheel: the croupier is the Joker who represents the mainstream media. What is he offering us? We have no choice according to the Game that is being played; between the Criminals, the Giants and the Bankers there is no choice, they are the same people.

Checker Board/Destroy: empty except for the Faceless Evil – the Central Banks. If the Game continues to transfer money from the poor to the rich the only thing left will be the Faceless Evil. There will be no market left to exploit. Fight to Win! To find out how the central banks run the financial system and rule the world go to www.climaterevolution.co.uk

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