BALLY SS2016 Women Collection

 BALLY SS2016 Women Collection contrasting the whimsical minimalism of a nouvelle bourgeoise. It is an imaginary encounter between minimalism and the sumptuous style of an impeccably groomed eccentric set the tone for the women’s SS2016 collection by Design Director Pablo Coppola.

A tribute to Italian refinement combined with French pared-down rigueur, quality and modernity make for a lavish take on minimalism; the opulence of couture materials is balanced by the simplicity of cuts and the precision of atelier techniques.

The silhouette is relaxed, highlighting the richness of fabrics such as silk cady, double-faced
cashmere, raw silk and suede. A monochrome palette comes alive with hints of blush pink, ochre and sierra. This is neo-couture walking down the street. Unexpected details worn with nonchalance constantly challenge a normcore look. Think a silk tuxedo blazer untraditionally fastened with a hook, or leather babouche slippers subverting the idea of a classic loafer, while the Brancusi heel on a suede boot steers the look towards subtle eccentricity.

This whimsical take on bourgeois styles includes references to heritage and luxurious wear and tear items; treasures uncovered in your grandmother’s wardrobe. Finds include a fringed suede jacket, a dress featuring sellier moth holes and a silk scarf print blouse with a vintage belt and buckle pattern. Timely future classics that expand the vocabulary of the Bally woman.

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