Studio Harcourt Paris Opens In Central Hong Kong

 Studio Harcourt Paris opens in Central Hong Kong recently . Founded in 1934 through the collaboration between Cosette Harcourt, the two Lacroix brothers, and Robert Ricci, son of Nina Ricci, bringing its excellence and long-established tradition for the first time overseas. The Parisian photography studio specializes in artistic portraits created to reveal the natural beauty and character of every feature, combining elements of mystery and timelessness. For more than two centuries, Studio Harcourt embossed and immortalized the portraits of celebrities in all areas such as art, culture, and politics. It is inspired by the glamour of the Golden Era of cinemas, a time much revered by many for its traditions and artistry. The French Government bought Studio Harcourt negatives between 1934 and 1986, considered to be a national heritage.

A dim studio lit with only artistic lighting, Studio Harcourt focuses on capturing a moment of candidness. Using only tungsten light without the harshness of flash photography, each photo ultimately highlights the unique characteristics of each subject. Because of the lighting and atmosphere, each Harcourt session is a unique experience. Each person is treated to professional make up before the shoot, accentuating only the best features by Studio Harcourt specialists. During the shooting, all teams including make up artist, will help the model to feel comfortable through every process. After a week, a pre-selection of the best photo will be presented. The selected portraits will then be sent to Paris and finalized by Studio Harcourt traditional in-house experts. It is finally registered in the renowned Studio Harcourt photo library with the Studio Harcourt signature logo, promising a precious portrait to last a lifetime.

Today, Studio Harcourt is still the benchmark for the new generation, with icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Dujardin, John Galliano; Hollywood movie stars Cate Blanchett, Sophie Marceau, Marion Cotillard, Kevin Spacey; renowned actors Michelle Yeoh, Ge You and many more who have posed behind the expert lights and lens of the studio.

Coming to Hong Kong, all Studio Harcourt photographers and lighting technicians in the Hong Kong branch are professionally trained. Designed by interior design agency 4BI & ASSOCIES, the studio itself exudes a Parisian style with molding and parquet flooring that creates a classic and elegant ambiance. From refined cinema lighting, personalized make up, to staged methods of shooting, Studio Harcourt guarantees the most luxurious shoot.

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