ISABEL MARANT Opens New Store In Fashion Walk Hong Kong

ISABEL MARANT opens its new store in Fashion Walk, Hong Kong recently and each ISABEL MARANT boutique is treated as a unique piece of architecture and design that feeds off the local micro-culture. This thought process was developed by the ISABEL MARANT Fashion House and Franklin Azzi Architecture studios in order to enhance and favor design and architectural creativity, research and development. This second ISABEL MARANT store in Hong Kong, is located in the area of Causeway Bay, which is an historical anchor point for the brand.

The 90 square meter single storey boutique is opened on two streets providing natural light into the store. The concrete facade includes an intimate homely entrance with welcoming planter and lighting sconces. Inside the boutique, the facade material is duplicated on the floor streamlining the concept from exterior to interior. The space is emphasized by a suspended ceiling made out of raw wooden cleats, clearly defining the ISABEL MARANT and ETOILE areas.

In the first portion of the boutique, the ISABEL MARANT collection is displayed in a lengthy space of travertine walls with natural exposed rock veins to create a singular space and reinterpret modernist codes from the second half of the 20th century.

 Then, ETOILE area leaves room to free racks, sculptural and artistic objects, whether ceramic sculptured podiums, concrete volumes or jewelry frames and transforming it into a gallery-boutique.

 Key areas articulate around glossy metal volumes, which would call out the idea of container units used to transport art objects. Color and finishing are a nod to French architect Jean Prouvé. In both spaces, objects are worked and produced in a close collaboration with craftsmen who have an in depth know-how on the various materials and techniques used such as ceramic, travertine, concrete and metal.

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