Junghans 2016 Mother's Day Picks

Junghans presents Meister Damen and max bill Damen wristwatches – an unfading token to motherly love. Bauhaus, which has an enormous influence to contemporary art and design, focuses on functionality while retaining the aesthetic elements in a design. While the Bauhaus school stresses on education, its “form follows function” motto is the golden rule that makes this artistic philosophy timeless and eternal. With her unfailing motherly love, a mother always sets her children’s well-being as her priority. She may not possess the most eye-catching appearance on earth, but her beauty outshines all treasures that one is blessed to in his/her life. As Mother’s Day approaches, Junghans proudly presents two spectacular timepieces that combine unparalleled artistic philosophy and the celebration of motherly love as your tokens of love to your mother. The max bill collection adopts Bauhaus’ “form follows function” artistic concept and features a series of timepieces that are both beautiful and useful. The satin strap and numerals on the dial are painted in shocking red, creating a bold contrast to the pure white dial. Together with the luminous hands, the wristwatch is optimised not only for its eye-catching look, but also for extreme readability. The stainless steel case is 32.7mm in diameter, appropriately sized for women of average wrist size. The convex hard plexiglass coated with SICRALAN MRL UV provides extra scratch resistance. Driven by the J643.29 quartz movement and with 30 metres water resistance, the functional and splendid-looking max bill Damen 047/4541.00 is an impeccable fit for any fashionable mother.

The subdued colour choice and fine design contribute to the elegance exuding from Meister Damen 047/4573.44. Boasting under the stainless steel case, strap and buckle is the J640.96 quartz movement, realising a sturdy and sensible timepiece that is suitable for daily use. The polished 30.8mm dial is covered with convex hard plexiglass with SICRALAN MRL UV coating for extra scratch resistance. The time is indicated with a light but practical markers with a total of 16 dazzling diamonds set on 3H, 6H, 9H and 12H. With a perfect balance between appearance and functionality, Meister Damen 047/4573.44 is the best companion for busy mums.

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